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Salt and pepper diamonds are becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings thanks to their completely unique colours, patterns and styles. Once considered rough diamonds, their patternation is created by inclusions and imperfections in the stone that give it a smoky shade with speckles and flecks creating their mottled effect. Salt and pepper diamonds are becoming a sought-after alternative to traditional white diamonds, with many women preferring their truly individual characteristics to the more plain appearance of classic white diamonds.

Rise in Popularity

These jolie laide diamonds started off as an underground trend but have increasingly gained popularity over the past 5 years. Kirsten Dunst famously wears a yellow gold salt and pepper engagement ring featuring a spectacular prong set oval stone surrounded by a halo of smaller round stones.

The colouration of salt and pepper diamonds varies wildly, from almost black to icy white, so they complement a variety of jewellery designs and metal types. It's perhaps unsurprising that these unique diamonds are often set in non-traditional white or rose gold instead of yellow.

Benefits of Choosing a Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

As well as being more unique than classic white diamonds, you'll get a lot more gemstone for your money. Salt and pepper diamonds are much less expensive than pure white diamonds - so if the size of the gemstone is important to you, choosing a speckled rough diamond is a great choice for your engagement ring.

Statement diamonds can cost tens of thousands, whereas a similar salt and pepper diamond is just a fraction of the cost. Lilia Nash jewellery is made using fair trade and conflict-free stones obtained directly from ethical mines and gemstone suppliers, so you can be confident your diamond was obtained ethically.


Characteristics of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Most diamonds feature some kind of flaw, and more noticable flaws in a white or coloured diamond affect the value of the gemstone. Salt and pepper diamonds include many different types of flaws including graining, bearding, clouding, small cracks inside the diamond, pinpoints, wisps and even other crystals growing inside the gem.

It's those imperfections that create the stunning mottled effect that salt and pepper diamonds have. A single flaw may be damaging to a diamond's appeal but a great many flaws in a single stone creates a beautiful overall effect.

Unlike regular diamonds,  salt & pepper diamonds are not judged as much by their colour, clarity and carat weight. They tend to be chosen because of their individual appearance and suitability for use in any given jewellery design. If the diamond is beautiful to you and it fits the design, then it's the perfect diamond for the ring.

Just like with their perfect cousins, these diamonds can be cut in a variety of ways to enhance the natural beauty of the stone. If you'd like to find a particular shape, stone cut, colour or size - Lilia can find it for you!

Choosing a Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

There's a lot more choice available when it comes to choosing a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring because of the vast array of shades and colours they come in. You could choose an almost black diamond or the very palest speckled grey and white.

When it comes to choosing your diamond, consider the colours and shapes that you like the most and use them as a reference point for finding your statement stone. We have a small selection of diamonds in stock and available to be set in our engagement rings or a bespoke ring design, but we're also able to source them depending on your personal preference. Contact us for more information or take a look at the salt and pepper diamonds we currently have in stock.

Lilia Nash Salt and Pepper Diamonds

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Bespoke Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings


Lilia has a small number of sat and pepper diamonds in stock, ready to be set in a unique bespoke engagement ring. You can choose one of her existing stones or she can find the perfect fair trade, conflict free diamond to set in your new ring.

  • Choose the shape & cut
  • Choose the size / carat weight
  • Options for various budgets, with pay by instalment available
  • Wide range of colours and styles, from icy white to almost jet black
  • Choose the style, setting, metal and finish for your ring band
  • Be inspired by one of Lilia's existing engagement ring designs, or create something new using your ideas
  • Order in any UK, US or EU ring size

Lilia Nash bespoke engagement rings take between 6-8 weeks to be made, hallmarked and dispatched.

Want to know more? Contact Lilia using the the form below and she'll help you design the perfect diamond ring.

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