How to Clean Jewellery and Maintain Rings

We recommend the following to keep your jewellery in good condition:


Tsavorite platinum ring
  • Wipe gemstones with a clean, soft cotton cloth.
  • Soak rings in very warm and soapy water (we recommend Fairy liquid) for around 20 minutes. Use a fine brush to loosen dirt in hard to reach areas.
  • Ask a professional jeweller to clean very dirty pieces.
  • Store your jewellery individually, wrapped in a soft cloth or tissue.
  • Enjoy wearing your jewellery, inspect it regularly, keep it clean and maintained, and it will last for years!


  • Have a bath, shower or clean wearing your jewellery. Even gold can develop a soapy film.
  • Avoid lifting weights or using machinery or tools with your ring/s on.
  • Try to avoid tapping rings on a hard surface or door handles.
  • Wear jewellery in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi. The chlorine in the water will erode the metal.
  • Sleep or do physical activities with your jewellery on! Metal and gemstones can react to the salts and acids in perspiration.
  • Wear your jewellery when spraying perfume or applying body lotions, hairspray etc. They will damage the metal and gemstones.
  • Use harsh cleaners (dips, hot solutions or abrasives) on jewellery set with gemstones.
  • Store jewellery unprotected and jumbled together. The contact will damage the metal and stones.
  • When wearing rings together, ensure they are of the same metal and karat.
  • Store jewellery in a damp environment. Moisture causes tarnish and corrosion.

Wear and Tear - wearing your jewellery will inevitably cause wear over time, such as fine scratches and small marks. Indeed, they call these scratches the story of your life!

All of Lilia’s jewellery is made to the highest possible standard. As all our jewellery is hand made and hand finished (not cast and machine finished), small imperfections should be expected. Indeed, these add to the uniqueness and charm of each piece.