Collection: White Gold Engagement Rings

Step into the mesmerising world of Lilia Nash, where white gold engagement rings aren't just pieces of jewellery but tangible reflections of commitment, ethics, and artistry. Lilia passionately crafts each ring, ensuring that every shimmer you see is backed by ethical choices — from the brilliance of responsibly sourced diamonds to the depth of sapphires and an array of other ethically obtained gemstones.

More than just their ethereal beauty, what sets Lilia's creations apart is the craftsmanship. Meticulously hand-forged from solid 18ct palladium white gold, these rings defy the ordinary. Their inherent luster stands the test of time, sparing you the routine of frequent plating to preserve their sheen.

Whether you're looking for something immediately captivating or seeking inspiration for a future commitment, our collection awaits. Delve into our array of ready-to-wear pieces or let your imagination roam free with the bespoke designs Lilia has brought to life in the past.

Every ring tells a story; let us help narrate yours!