Aquamarine Ring in 18ct Gold
Aquamarine ring

Aquamarine gemstones make the prettiest rings, either as engagement rings or dress rings. The pale sea blue colour of the aquamarine is set off perfectly by either a white or yellow gold setting, white looking cool and contemporary, and yellow gold creating a rich warmth to the stone.

I love creating rings with aquamarines, as they literally sparkle whilst I work. This aquamarine ring is a new design, with the sides of the setting carved to look like a tulip flower and the ring itself highly polished. The aquamarine stone is held in place by the sides of the tulip with a break to the edge to allow the light to shine in.

Aquamarines come in many slightly different shades, with no two gemstones exactly alike, which is what makes them so fascinating. The colour of both the sky and the sea, the name aquamarine comes from 'aqua' or water, and 'mare' the sea. Most aquamarines are without any flaws, which is why they are such a favourite, and neither are they extremely costly for the main part.

According to the old traditions aquamarines are bringers of happy marriages and are said to bring the women who wear them joy and wealth as well. Aquamarine is also the March birthstone.

If you would like a set I can also make my drop earrings and an aquamarine pendant to go with your ring. Please enquire for details and note that your order will take six weeks for me to make, as everything is made by hand.