Collection: Birthstone Earrings

Birthstones, with their vibrant hues and symbolic meanings, have been treasured for centuries. Historically, these gems were believed to possess unique powers and protective qualities. Each month's stone encapsulates certain characteristics, representing the traits and aspirations of those born in that particular month.

Lilia Nash's Birthstone Earrings are a testament to this age-old tradition. With a collection that spans the entire calendar, each earring showcases one of 12 ethically sourced and fair-trade gemstones. From the deep blue sapphires symbolising wisdom to the radiant diamonds representing purity, and the lush green emeralds for rejuvenation, to the fiery rubies, the gentle topaz, and a spectrum of other mesmerizing gems - each stone tells a story.

Uncertain about the right birthstone for you or your loved one? Delve into our Birthday Jewellery Gift Guide for insights and inspirations to make your choice.