Ring Sizing and Resizing

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Lilia Nash rings are made using Wheatsheaf ring sizing. We offer the loan of a

Ring Gauge

ring gauge to find the perfect size and we recommend that you know your ring size ahead of ordering. The below chart offers an overview of our sizing and should be taken as a close conversion from UK ring sizes.

If you'd like to order a ring in a US or mm measurement, it's best to contact us in advance of placing your order so that Lilia can design your ring using the most accurate sizing possible.


UK, IRE, AUS, NZ USA, CAN, MEX ITA, ESP, CH Inside Diameter (mm) Inside Circumference (mm)
E 3 13.67 42.9
3.5 13.87 43.6
F 3 4.25 14.07 44.2
4.75 14.27 44.8
G 5.5 14.48 45.5
6 14.68 46.1
H 4 6.75 14.88 46.8
7.5 15.09 47.4
I 8 15.29 48
J 8.75 15.49 48.7
5 9.25 15.7 49.3
K 10 15.9 50
10.5 16.1 50.6
L 11.25 16.31 51.2
6 11.75 16.51 51.9
M 12.5 16.71 52.5
13.25 16.92 53.1
N 13.75 17.12 53.8
7 14.5 17.32 54.4
O 15 17.53 55.1
15.75 17.73 55.7
P 16.25 17.93 56.3
8 17 18.14 57
Q 17.5 18.34 57.6
18.25 18.54 58.3
R 19 18.75 58.9
9 19.5 18.95 59.5
S 20.25 19.15 60.2
20.75 19.35 60.8
T 21.5 19.56 61.4
10 22 19.76 62.1
U 10¼ 22.75 19.96 62.7
10½ 23.25 20.17 63.4
V 10¾ 24 20.37 64
11 24.75 20.57 64.6
W 11¼ 25.25 20.78 65.3
11½ 26 20.98 65.9
X 11¾ 26.5 21.18 66.6
12 27.25 21.39 67.2
Y 12¼ 27.75 21.59 67.8
Z 12½ 28.5 21.79 68.5
12¾ 29 22 69.1


Ring Sizing Information

Before placing an order please read the following guidelines, to ensure your ring measurement is correct. If you have a question not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Can you make rings in any size?

Yes, we can make rings in standard, half or quarter sizes. We use UK, US and EU ring sticks to create the correct sizing for Great British, North American and European ring sizes. Sizes considered plus size rings in other outlets are available as standard, with Lilia's designs offered in UK sizes G - Z 1/2 as standard.

Can I order in an international ring size or 1/4 size?

Yes, however we will need to create a special product for you to purchase. Contact us with a link to the ring you would like, adding the EU or US ring size you would like have it made in - along with any other customisation preferences. There is no additional charge for making rings in these sizes - they will be the same price as the UK size approximation

I don't know my ring size, can you help?

Ring sizes can be quite tricky to get absolutely right unless they are measured properly using a professional ring gauge. Some of the tools that we find people are using online are not that accurate, which include paper ring charts, and placing an existing ring over a circle on your screen, which means you may end up having a ring made specially for you that doesn't fit you perfectly. The best way to find out your ring size is with a metal ring gauge. You can either visit a high street jeweller or rent one via our finger measuring gauge below -

Resizing Rings

Are you able to resize Lilia Nash rings?

We are able to resize most of our in stock engagement ring designs between 1-3 sizes (up or down), sometimes more, depending on the design.
I am not able to resize rings with gemstones flush set or pave set into the actual band, as resizing may displace the stones.

For in stock engagement/solitaire rings - resizing is free of charge on non sale items for the first resizing within 30 days from order, or £35 after 30 days. Return postage is payable by the customer.

For sale items Rings can be adjusted free of charge to a smaller size or for a fee to larger sizes (fee dependent on size required). Return postage is payable by the customer.

For made to order or bespoke engagement/solitaire rings -
Where the incorrect size was provided by the customer, a £35 resizing fee (plus postage) is payable to resize rings any size smaller, or half a size larger. For more than half a size larger, the resizing fee will be dependant on the size required. It is not advisable to resize the ring more than once
as it may weaken the band.

Plain platinum and gold wedding bands over 1.5mm can be adjusted to any size.

We are not able to resize -

Rings with gemstones flush set or pave set into the actual band; Birthstone stacking rings; Resize bands 1.5mm or less upwards;

If resizing made to order bands downwards or 1/2 a size up, the work will be carried out for £35 plus return postage to pay. If resizing to a larger size (larger than 1/2 size), the price will be advised depending
on the final size. In stock bands will be adjusted free of charge within 30 days of receipt.

Please note that stock rings that have been requested to be resized cannot be returned for a refund/exchange.

Special Delivery return postage is additional to the above.