Collection: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Experience the world of Lilia Nash, where rose gold engagement rings are crafted with an exquisite blend of artistry and sustainable principles. Using the rich and warm hues of solid 18ct rose gold, often referred to as 18k pink gold, Lilia ensures that every piece is not only beautiful but also ethically resonant, sourcing the precious metal exclusively from recycled origins.

While we proudly present a curated selection of ready-to-wear rings that capture various tales of love and commitment, Lilia's craftsmanship extends beyond the display case. Her dedication lies in translating your vision into reality. Whether it's a simple design or intricate detailing, every dream ring is within reach.

For those contemplating a bespoke design, allow Lilia's past commissions to inspire you. Each piece encapsulates a unique love story, serving as both a testament to her skill and a spark for your imagination. Get in touch to discuss your ideas. Together with Lilia, embark on a journey to design the engagement ring that mirrors your unique love story!