Alternative Wedding Rings For Unique Brides

"Wedding ring design isn't limited to a plain band of gold. Add design details like diamonds, engraving or a unique finish and create bold lines with alternative shapes." - Lilia Nash, wedding ring designer

The tradition of wedding rings stems back almost 6,000 to ancient Egyptians exchanging woven hemp and reed rings as a sign of commitment. Ancient Greece and Rome have provided beautiful examples of Gold signet rings and Fedes rings with intricate details, and there are wildly bejewelled gimmel and diamond rings surviving from the 16th and 17th century. These decadent designs make modern day rings feel rather cumbersome and a little unimaginative, so why not shake things up with an alternative wedding ring design?

  • Hammered Wishbone Bridal Ring Set

  • Black Diamond Wedding Ring

  • Contemporary Sapphire Wedding Rings

If a classic wedding ring just isn't your style, you have plenty of options. Stacking wedding rings have become increasingly popular. You can either choose a stacking engagement and wedding ring set, choose a set complete with an eternity ring or use plain spacer rings to create a stacking set with your existing engagement ring.

You could also choose a more decorative wedding band with an alternative shape, gemstone setting or diamond settings that bring lots more sparkle to the piece. If you're feeling especially daring, there are options to add oxidisation to silver to give it a dark, almost black appearance to the metal!

Russian wedding rings and trinity rings are increasingly popular choices, often featuring diamond detail to one or more of the bands. These designs feature three interlocking rings in one - representing the past, present and future of your relationship.

Lilia Nash Wedding Rings

You'll find a mix of unusual band styles, alternative design details and unique design flourishes in the Lilia Nash Wedding Ring Shop. These rings can be bought as shown or they can be adapted with your favourite design details.

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Custom Wedding Ring Design

Our Custom Wedding Ring Design Service allows you to create a design that feels personal to you, with the option to create rings individually or as matching sets.

  • Choose between 18ct gold, 18ct palladium white gold, 18ct rose gold or 950 platinum, all from recycled sources.
  • A range of custom finishes including traditional finishes like hammered and matt, plus a range of finishes including spun silk and urban which are exclusive to Lilia Nash.
  • Add unique diamonds and other gemstones to your design. Lilia Nash specialises in sourcing gemstones including salt and pepper diamonds, birthstones, coloured sapphires and other more unusual gems.
  • Match your engagement ring to your wedding ring shape for the perfect stack.
  • Add decorative engraving to the outer band or personalised engraving to the inner band.
  • Adapt the profile, width or depth to suit your style.
  •  Any UK, US or European ring size, including half sizes and plus sizes.
  • Option to pay in installments.

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Resizing and Payment Plans

We know that buying a ring as a gift can be difficult, especially if you're not sure of the exact size. Most non engraved or diamond set Lilia Nash wedding rings can be adjusted any size smaller but only half a size larger.

When it comes to paying for your ring, we offer interest-free payment options so you can split the cost of designing your ring. Just let us know when you contact us if you'd like to arrange a payment plan, your ring will be dispatched to you once the final payment is made.

Find out more about choosing the ring size and other wedding ring purchasing advice below.

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Lilia Nash is an independent jewellery designer-maker based in Cornwall. We specialise in the creation of one-of-a-kind engagement rings, custom wedding rings and fine jewellery pieces using recycled metals and ethical gems - perfect for gifting or treating yourself!

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