blue sapphire white gold stacking ring set
diamond half eternity ring
diamond milgrain ring set in rose gold
pink sapphire bridal set in gold

Bridal ring sets include an engagement ring and wedding ring that are sympathetically designed to allow the rings to sit closely together without needing spacer rings. Wedding and engagement ring sets should be made together for the best match.

Buying wedding rings and engagement rings together is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons...

Why Buy Engagement Ring Sets?
  1. There's no gap between the engagement ring and wedding band, so the overall look is more polished that rings than rings that have a space between them.
  2. You can choose how the two rings stack together, with a choice of using spacer rings, setting the wedding ring behind the engagement ring or creating a wedding ring that fits around the gemstones.
  3. Stacking rings can be purchased with an eternity ring that matches the style of the wedding band, creating a traditional stack of three rings.
  4. Sometimes women have slightly different ring sizes between where the engagement ring and wedding ring sit. Creating a custom bridal ring set allows the ring sizes to be graduated.
18ct White Gold Emerald Shape, Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring



blue sapphire white gold stacking ring set


diamond milgrain ring set in rose gold


White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring Set


pink sapphire bridal set in gold
1. Wishbone Wedding Ring Sets

Wishbone wedding bands feature a chevron-shaped dip that the focal stone from the engagement ring rests in. Small gaps either side of the notch create a split shank effect, with the look being balanced by a matching diamond wishbone eternity band worn above the engagement ring, pointing in the opposite direction.

2. Diamond Halo / Engagement Ring Crown
3. Wedding Band Behind the Engagement Ring
4. Shaped Wedding Band

Lilia Nash Stacking Wedding Rings

Choose between made to order, customised designs and one of a kind bridal ring sets. Contact us about creating a bespoke wedding and engagement ring set though Lilia's Engagement Ring Design Service.

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