May has to be one of my favourite times of year.

Summer is just around the corner, the trees are green again, and while the blossom may be mostly gone you know that what is still to come will be beautiful.

If you're lucky enough to be born in May then the emerald is your birthstone. Fittingly for the time of year, this vivid green gemstone is a said to be a symbol of re-birth.

They are very rare gemstones typically mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Zambia and like diamonds their quality is measured by the 4 Cs - cut, clarity, colour and carat. Colour is very important to the categorisation of the emerald, if it is too light then it simply isn't an emerald.

I work with both lab grown and ethically sourced natural emeralds, lab-grown for my birthstone collection and natural for emerald engagement rings and other jewellery collections. While I love working with natural emeralds, using lab grown emeralds allows me to keep the cost of the emerald birthstone jewellery down, while also reducing the impact on the environment compared to mined stones. The lab-grown emeralds are the highest quality Charles and Colvard stones, equivalent to AAA quality natural emeralds.

The emerald is a stunning gemstone and I am always so pleased when a cusotomer orders from my May birthstone jewellery collection.

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While my Leaves collection features a delicate emerald above the hand formed 18ct gold leaves.

I can also create a bespoke emerald engagement ring for you.


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