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Not all women dream of saying yes to a diamond. Sapphire engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their wide array of colours, dazzling sparkle and precious gemstone status. They've also gained quite a cult following over the past 20 years thanks to their popularity with royalty and celebrities alike.

My natural sapphires are from fair trade mines or suppliers who ethically source their stones, and I select each one personally for its exceptional quality and beauty. I can also use lab-grown sapphires to make rings as a more ecologically friendly alternative - they're also a more affordable option if you're working to a tight budget.


When you buy an engagement ring either through my bespoke design service or my online shop, we'll send you a voucher for £50 off your wedding rings. There's no expiry date on the voucher, so whether you plan a quick wedding or have a long, lingering engagement - your discount is on standby.


Choosing a Lilia Nash engagement ring doesn't mean you have to stick to the rules. I can personalise my designs to capture your partner's unique tastes, adding detail or simplifying the style to better fit the styles they like best. Creating the perfect design for someone you love is easier when you have more ideas to work with and you can take inspiration from the jewellery they already prefer to help you pick the perfect style.

All of the rings below can be made in 18ct gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum and will be sent to you within 6 weeks of your order date.

If you like one of my designs but would like to adapt it, or your have an idea in your head but you're not sure how to find the right ring, why not contact me?

I offer a bespoke engagement ring design service so if you haven't found the ring of your dreams - there's every chance I can create it for you.


All of my in stock sapphire engagement rings are available to purchase in the detailed sample sizes. Alternative sizes are made to order. If you don't see the option at checkout for a different size - please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page. These pieces feature special stones and I will need to source the perfect sapphire before your order can be confirmed.


The British Royal Family are famous for their love of sapphire engagement rings. When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, he presented her with the ring previously worn by his mother Diana, Princess of Wales. The famous engagement ring features an opulent 12-carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by a halo of white diamonds, set in yellow gold.

Princess Eugenie has a blushing padparadscha pink sapphire engagement ring that closely resembles the ring worn by her mother, Sarah Ferguson. Both rings are yellow gold with a halo of diamonds, but her mothers features a fire red Burmese ruby in place of a pink sapphire.

It isn't just royals who love the trend, celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum have all been seen with sapphires on their ring finger.

Pale Violet Sapphire
padparadscha sapphire
icy lavender sapphire


If you want to combine tradition with individuality, a sapphire and diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice. These rings feature a large central sapphire stone with smaller diamond settings that can be added to rings in a variety of ways.


One of my favourite things about working with sapphires is the number of colours you can choose from.

Sapphires can come in almost any colour, ranging from brilliant white to blush pinks and rich purples, honey yellow through to pastel mints, peacock teals and deepest ocean blue. The only colour you'll never find a sapphire in is red!

Blue sapphires are the traditional choice for a sapphire engagement ring. The colours vary from very pale to deep, dark and moody.

Pink sapphires are one of the most popular sapphire stones in modern times. They range from a barely-there pink blush to a rich raspberry shade. Purple or lilac sapphires are similarly coloured and are rapidly becoming a more popular choice for engagement rings and bridal ring sets.

Bold sapphire colours like teal, yellow and green are chosen by women who love to stand out in a crowd. Their eye-catching shades won't go unnoticed, so they're perfect for women who are fashion forward and adventurous with their style.


Deciding whether to buy a bespoke engagement ring or a ready-to-wear design depends on your budget and exactly what you're looking for.

If you've seen the perfect ring in my collection, you can order it online and have it made as pictured in the correct size. If you buy an in-stock ring, it will be sent to you the next working day. Made-to-order sizes are dispatched within 6 weeks of your order being received.


Create the perfect sapphire engagement ring to match your vision. My bespoke design service allows you to choose every detail of the ring so that the style is tailored to match your expectations.

I'll be able to guide you as to what's possible and will consult with you on everything from the band style to the exact gemstones that are added to the finished ring. Every element can be tailored, from the finishing polish to the setting type.

If you're feeling inspired, why not send me your ideas and we can discuss the design possibilities for your dream proposal ring.





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