Sterling Silver Chrysocolla Pendant & Chain Necklace


You can lose yourself in the pattern of the mesmerising Chrysocolla gem, reminiscent of warm tropical seas. Handcrafted from Sterling silver, this unique necklace features a large gemstone setting with a solid silver pendant setting.

Chrysocollas are considered to be communication stones that disperse negative energy and instil a feeling of calmness, allowing anxiety to quell and truth and wisdom to take precedence over fear. Wearing a chrysocolla stone is said to give the owner a more harmonious life – just the thing for a busy mother or career woman.

A one of a kind Sterling silver pendant and solid silver spiga chain by Lilia Nash.


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This one-of-a-kind Sterling silver pendant is set with a beautiful Chrysocolla cabochon. The swirling blue-green pattern is reminiscent of tropical seas. The Chrysocolla gem measures 2.3cm x 2cm and is set in a hand-forged Sterling silver setting, which has a matte finish on the edges of the pendant.

The amazing blue green colouration of Chrysocolla is due to the copper in the stone is a copper stone. It is often found in association with Malachite and Azurite.

This unique pendant is in stock and ready to wear. It is supplied with a solid Sterling silver 18″ spiga chain.

The pendant has been hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office and is supplied in a high quality Lilia Nash jewellery box.

Handmade by Lilia in her studio in Lechlade, in the Cotswolds.

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