6mm Chatham Royal Blue Sapphire SA127


A stunning dark Royal blue 6mm Chatham lab-grown sapphire. DIAMETER – 6mm GEMSTONE CODE – SA127

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A stunning dark Royal blue 6mm Chatham sapphire. Blue sapphire is the most difficult gem crystal that Chatham grows. Colour in sapphire often follows the crystal structure in colour zones. Even the best sapphire crystal has different shades of blue in it. That’s why Chatham lab-grown sapphires come in three lovely shades of blue. When they cut the sapphire crystals, they cut away 80% of the rough to give you faceted sapphires that are cleaner and brighter than the finest mined sapphires. And because it was created in Chatham’s lab, it has less of an impact on the environment. DIAMETER – 6mm GEMSTONE CODE – SA127


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