Gothic Jewellery by Lilia Nash

This edgy style edit features gothic overtones, with grey and black diamonds, moody oxidised silver and statement gemstone pieces that have an alternative edge.

Looking for something special like a gothic engagement ring? Contact us about our bespoke jewellery design service. Lilia Nash creates bespoke rings and other jewellery featuring fair trade black diamonds, salt and pepper stones and other uniquely coloured gems including sapphires, rubies and more.

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  • Clear Champagne Diamond 0.93ct DI023

  • Salt and Pepper Diamond, Cushion Cut, 1.48ct DI024

  • Salt and Pepper Diamond, Princess Cut, 1ct DI025

  • Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 0.8ct DI026

  • Bespoke diamond engagement ring

    Large Emerald Cut Grey Diamond, 1.61ct DI027

  • Salt and Pepper Rose Cut Round Diamond 0.70ct DI022

  • salt and pepper pear shape diamondSOLD OUTsalt and pepper pear shape diamond

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 0.6ct DI016

  • icy diamond 4.8mm 0.6 caratsicy diamond 4.8mm 0.6 carats

    Icy Rose Cut Diamond 0.6ct DI015

  • large oval champagne diamondlarge oval champagne diamond

    Large Oval Champagne Diamond 2.83ct DI014

  • salt and pepper pear shape diamond, 1.39 carats1.39 Ct Fair Trade Salt and Pepper Diamond - Lilia Nash Bespoke

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 1.39ct DI013

  • oval salt and pepper diamond, 1.42 caratsSOLD OUToval salt and pepper diamond, 1.42 carats

    Oval Salt and Pepper Diamond 1.42ct DI012

  • rose cut diamond hexagonsalt and pepper diamonds

    Hexagonal Opalescent Diamond 1.12ct DI008

  • rose cut diamondrose cut diamond

    Kite Shape Opalescent Diamond 0.81ct DI007

  • pear shape diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 2.40ct DI009

  • salt and pepper diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Opalescent Salt and Pepper Diamond 1.33ct DI005

  • salt and pepper diamondSOLD OUTsalt and pepper diamonds

    Salt and Pepper Diamond 0.38ct DI004

  • rose cut diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 1.50ct DI010

  • pearl ringblack pearl ring

    18ct Gold Black Peacock Pearl Ring

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  • roes cut black diamondSOLD OUT

    Rose Cut Black Diamond 1.2ct DI001

  • black diamond

    Black Diamond 1.25ct DI012

  • labradorite silver pendant

    Sterling Silver Labradorite Pendant Necklace

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  • SOLD OUTrose cut diamond ring

    18ct Gold Pear Shape Natural Grey-Gold Diamond Ring (Size K 1/2)

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  • Tiffany Stone Necklace

    Sterling Silver & 18ct Gold Patina Tiffany Stone Necklace

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  • SOLD OUTspiderweb turquoise earrings

    18ct Gold Spiderweb Turquoise Earrings

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  • black diamond wedding ringblack diamond eternity ring

    2.5mm Black Diamond Half Eternity Ring in 18ct Gold or Platinum

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  • teredo wood pendantLilia Nash Packaging

    Teredo Wood Necklace in Sterling Silver

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