Silver Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are traditionally made using gold or platinum, but there’s an increasing trend for silver rings.
Silver jewellery has its own following, with many people choosing to wear exclusively silver earrings, necklaces and rings.
Lilia has a small selection of silver engagement ring designs available to order, including engagement rings for men.
If you don’t see what you like – please get in touch! Lilia can create the perfect silver engagement ring with her bespoke ring design service.

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  • Black Diamond RingBlack Diamond Ring

    5mm Black Diamond Ring in Frosted Sterling Silver

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  • white sapphire bridal ring setWhite Sapphire Ring Set on the hand

    White Sapphire Bridal Ring Set in Silver (Size P 1/2)

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  • Diamond Ring in Frosted SilverDiamond Ring in Frosted Silver

    4mm Diamond Ring in Frosted Sterling Silver

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