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4.8mm - 5.5mm Gemstones

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  • Montana blue sapphire, fair trade stone, 0.6 carats, 5mmMontana blue sapphire, fair trade stone, 0.6 carats, 5mm

    5mm Fair Trade Montana Blue Sapphire 0.6ct SA147

  • sri lankan powder blue sapphire 5mm 0.65ct

    5.1mm Fair Trade Powder Blue Sri Lankan Sapphire SA145

  • salt and pepper diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Salt and Pepper Diamond 0.38ct DI004

  • ruby

    RU001 5mm Natural Ruby 0.69ct

  • aquamarine

    5mm Natural Aquamarine AQ001

  • raspberry sapphire

    5.1mm Raspberry Pink Sapphire 0.76ct, SA128

  • blackcurrant sapphire

    5.1mm Blackcurrant Purple Sapphire 0.7ct SA129

  • seafoam tourmaline, 5mmseafoam tourmaline, 5mm

    Fair Trade Seafoam Blue Tourmaline 5mm, TO001

  • peach pink sapphire

    4.8mm Pink Cognac Sapphire 0.52ct SA131

  • Pink Purple Sapphire

    5.1mm Colour Change Pink-Purple Sapphire 0.6ct SA132

  • blue sapphire

    5mm Mid Blue Sapphire 0.53ct SA127

  • fair trade teal sapphire

    5mm Fair Trade Malawi Natural Teal Sapphire 0.6ct SA75

  • fair trade mint green sapphire

    5.5mm Fair Trade Natural Mint Green Sapphire 0.61ct SA103

  • fair trade blue sapphire

    4.8mm Fair Trade Malawi Blue Sapphire 0.6ct

  • royal blue sapphireRoyal Blue Sapphire

    5.5mm Royal Blue Sapphire 0.88ct SA87

  • royal blue sapphireRoyal Blue Sapphire

    5.3mm Royal Blue Sapphire 0.69ct SA88

  • mid blue sapphire

    5.28mm Mid-Blue Brilliant Cut Sapphire 0.67ct SA101

  • icy lavender sapphire

    5.2mm Icy Silver-Grey Lavender Sapphire 0.62ct SA46

  • icy pale lavender sapphire

    5.2mm Icy Pale Lavender Sapphire

  • Purple Sapphire

    5mm Magenta Purple Sapphire 0.82ct SA89

  • Purple Sapphire

    5.2mm Natural Unheated Purple Sapphire 0.67ct SA90

  • Purple Sapphire

    5.5mm Lilac Purple Sapphire 0.82ct SA92


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