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July Birthstone Jewellery - Ruby

July’s birthstone is instantly recognisable with its beautiful deep red. Ruby is the birthstone for July & the gemstone of the 40th wedding anniversary.

Ruby is said to stir the imagination & arouse the senses. The stone of love, it is believed to impart wealth, health, wisdom & success. The second hardest gemstone after diamonds, rubies are valued by clarity, colour, cut & carat with the finest being dark to purplish red.

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  • ruby stud earrings 18ct goldruby stacking ring

    Ruby Stud Earrings in 18ct Gold (July Birthstone)

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  • white gold ruby stud earringsruby stud earrings white gold

    Ruby Stud Earrings in 18ct White Gold (July Birthstone)

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  • ruby stacking ringruby stacking ring

    18ct Gold Ruby Stacking Ring (July Birthstone)

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  • ruby birthstone stacking ring

    Ruby Stacking Ring in 18ct White Gold (July Birthstone)

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  • ruby gold earringsruby earrings in 18ct gold

    18ct Gold Cluster Ruby Earrings

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  • ruby min bar studs

    Ruby Mini Bar Studs (18ct Gold or Rose Gold)

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  • personalised birthstone braceletpersonalised birthstone bracelet on the wrist

    Sterling Silver Personalised Birthstone Bracelet (1-5 Gems)

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  • birthstone necklace with aquamarine, sapphire and blue topazBirthstone Necklace with Designer Tag

    Sterling Silver Personalised Birthstone Necklace (1-6 Gems)

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  • Birthstone gold necklaceBirthstone Chart Gold

    18ct Gold Personalised Birthstone Necklace (1- 6 Gems)

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  • july birthstone necklace, rubyjuly birthstone necklace, ruby

    Signature Sterling Silver Ruby Necklace (July Birthstone)

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  • ruby birthstone braceletruby bracelet, july birthstone

    Sterling Silver Signature Ruby Bracelet (July Birthstone)

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  • ruby necklace in 18ct goldruby necklace in 18ct gold

    Signature 18ct Gold Ruby Necklace (July Birthstone)

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