Coloured Sapphires

Sapphires are best known for being blue but they’re available in virtually any colour other than red! These ethical and fair trade coloured sapphires are the perfect choice for a custom Lilia Nash engagement ring. Use one of the gems in the catalogue to set in a custom design, or contact Lilia to source a special coloured sapphire for your jewellery.

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  • Fuchsia Pink Sapphire 6.3mm 1.33ct SA161

  • 4.9mm Mint Green Sapphire 0.50ct SA164

  • Princess Cut Yellow Natural Sapphire – 4.5mm 0.65ct – SA165

  • Princess Cut Pink Natural Sapphire – 4.8mm 0.91ct – SA163

  • Princess Cut Hot Pink Natural Sapphire – 4.6mm 0.47ct – SA162

  • Princess Cut Purple Natural Sapphire – 4.8mm 0.67ct – SA160

  • 5.6mm Fair Trade Australian Green Teal Sapphire 0.86ct SA154

  • 5.5mm Pink Sapphire 0.74ct SA150

  • rose cut pink sapphirerose cut pink sapphire

    8.2mm Rose Cut Pear Pink Sapphire SA148

  • rose cut parti sapphirerose cut parti sapphire

    7.1mm Australian Fair Trade Rose Cut Parti Sapphire SA147

  • australian parti sapphireaustralian parti sapphire

    6mm Australian Fair Trade Parti Sapphire SA143

  • Fair Trade Australian Parti Sapphire, 7.3mm, 1.49 caratsFair Trade Australian Parti Sapphire, 7.3mm, 1.49 carats

    7.3mm Australian Fair Trade Parti Sapphire SA146

  • teal sapphire

    6mm Fair Trade Green Sapphire SA136

  • raspberry sapphire

    5.1mm Raspberry Pink Sapphire 0.76ct, SA128

  • blackcurrant sapphire

    5.1mm Blackcurrant Purple Sapphire 0.7ct SA129

  • peach pink sapphire

    4.8mm Pink Cognac Sapphire 0.52ct SA131

  • pink sapphire

    6mm Fuchsia Pink Sapphire 0.93ct SA03

  • fair trade mint green sapphire

    5.5mm Fair Trade Natural Mint Green Sapphire 0.61ct SA103

  • icy lavender sapphire

    5.2mm Icy Silver-Grey Lavender Sapphire 0.62ct SA46

  • grey blue sapphire

    7.7mm Silver-Grey Blue Colour Change Sapphire 2.75ct SA70

  • chatham padparadscha sapphire

    6mm Chatham Padparadscha Pink Sapphire SA104

  • icy pale lavender sapphire

    5.2mm Icy Pale Lavender Sapphire

  • Purple Sapphire

    5mm Magenta Purple Sapphire 0.82ct SA89

  • Purple Sapphire

    5.2mm Natural Unheated Purple Sapphire 0.67ct SA90

  • Purple Sapphire

    5.5mm Lilac Purple Sapphire 0.82ct SA92

  • Raspberry Sapphire

    5.7mm Raspberry Pink Sapphire 0.94ct SA93

  • Dark Purple SapphireDark Purple Sapphire

    6.1mm Natural Unheated Purple Sapphire1.36ct SA95

  • Lemon Yellow Sapphire

    5.7mm Lemon Yellow Sapphire 0.94ct SA94