Sapphire Gemstones

These ethical and fair trade sapphire gemstones can be set in Lilia Nash Customised engagement rings or in a bespoke ring, necklace or other piece of bespoke jewellery.

Don’t see the gemstone you want? We can source ethical and fair trade sapphires to set in bespoke jewellery. Contact us with more details.

Please note that Lilia Nash gemstones cannot be purchased individually.

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  • Fuchsia Pink Sapphire 6.3mm 1.33ct SA161

  • 4.9mm Mint Green Sapphire 0.50ct SA164

  • Princess Cut Yellow Natural Sapphire – 4.5mm 0.65ct – SA165

  • Princess Cut Pink Natural Sapphire – 4.8mm 0.91ct – SA163

  • Princess Cut Hot Pink Natural Sapphire – 4.6mm 0.47ct – SA162

  • Princess Cut Purple Natural Sapphire – 4.8mm 0.67ct – SA160

  • Princess Cut Royal Blue Natural Sapphire – 4.5mm 0.66ct – SA158

  • Princess Cut Blue Natural Sapphire – 4.7mm 0.61ct – SA157

  • Ceylon Sapphire 5mm 0.69ct SA155

  • 5.6mm Fair Trade Australian Green Teal Sapphire 0.86ct SA154

  • Fair Trade Montana Blue Teal Sapphire 5.43mm 0.53ct SA153

  • 5.5mm Pink Sapphire 0.74ct SA150

  • Ceylon Sapphire 6.2mm 1.09ct SA151

  • Oval Blue Sapphire 6.9mm 0.86ct SA156

  • Fair Trade Ceylon Sapphire 5.9mm 0.72ct SA152

  • Ceylon Sapphire 6.1mm 1.09ct SA149

  • rose cut pink sapphirerose cut pink sapphire

    8.2mm Rose Cut Pear Pink Sapphire SA148

  • rose cut parti sapphirerose cut parti sapphire

    7.1mm Australian Fair Trade Rose Cut Parti Sapphire SA147

  • Montana blue sapphire, fair trade stone, 0.6 carats, 5mmMontana blue sapphire, fair trade stone, 0.6 carats, 5mm

    5mm Fair Trade Montana Blue Sapphire 0.6ct SA147

  • chatham blue sapphirechatham blue sapphire

    6mm Chatham Royal Blue Sapphire SA127

  • australian parti sapphireaustralian parti sapphire

    6mm Australian Fair Trade Parti Sapphire SA143

  • sri lankan powder blue sapphire 5mm 0.65ct

    5.1mm Fair Trade Powder Blue Sri Lankan Sapphire SA145

  • australian blue sapphire 5-5mm 0.80c

    5.5mm Fair Trade Australian Blue Sapphire SA141

  • Fair Trade Australian Parti Sapphire, 7.3mm, 1.49 caratsFair Trade Australian Parti Sapphire, 7.3mm, 1.49 carats

    7.3mm Australian Fair Trade Parti Sapphire SA146

  • Australian blue sapphireAustralian blue sapphire

    7.1mm Fair Trade Australian Blue Sapphire SA140

  • teal sapphire

    6mm Fair Trade Green Sapphire SA136

  • raspberry sapphire

    5.1mm Raspberry Pink Sapphire 0.76ct, SA128

  • blackcurrant sapphire

    5.1mm Blackcurrant Purple Sapphire 0.7ct SA129