Ethical Diamonds

These ethical diamonds can be set in Lilia Nash Customised engagement rings or in a bespoke ring, necklace or other piece of bespoke jewellery.

Each diamond is truly unique, with a selection of cuts, colours and shapes available. Don’t see the diamond you want? We can source ethical and fair trade diamonds to set in bespoke engagement rings and other jewellery. Contact us with more details.

Please note that Lilia Nash gemstones cannot be purchased individually.

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  • Clear Champagne Diamond 0.93ct DI023

  • Salt and Pepper Diamond, Cushion Cut, 1.48ct DI024

  • Salt and Pepper Diamond, Princess Cut, 1ct DI025

  • Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 0.8ct DI026

  • Bespoke diamond engagement ring

    Large Emerald Cut Grey Diamond, 1.61ct DI027

  • Salt and Pepper Rose Cut Round Diamond 0.70ct DI022

  • icy diamond 4.8mm 0.6 caratsicy diamond 4.8mm 0.6 carats

    Icy Rose Cut Diamond 0.6ct DI015

  • large oval champagne diamondlarge oval champagne diamond

    Large Oval Champagne Diamond 2.83ct DI014

  • salt and pepper pear shape diamond, 1.39 carats1.39 Ct Fair Trade Salt and Pepper Diamond - Lilia Nash Bespoke

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 1.39ct DI013

  • rose cut diamond hexagonsalt and pepper diamonds

    Hexagonal Opalescent Diamond 1.12ct DI008

  • rose cut diamondrose cut diamond

    Kite Shape Opalescent Diamond 0.81ct DI007

  • pear shape diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 2.40ct DI009

  • salt and pepper diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Opalescent Salt and Pepper Diamond 1.33ct DI005

  • rose cut diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 1.50ct DI010

  • diamond

    4.6mm Brilliant Cut Diamond DI002

  • black diamond

    Black Diamond 1.25ct DI012