peridot birthstone stacking ring
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Bespoke Peridot Wishbone Bridal Set in 18ct Gold

Perdiot gemstones are exceptional crystals, not just because of their unique colouration but because they're formed in some pretty elaborate ways.

Perdiots are formed in the molten rock found in the upper mantle, below the Earth's surface, and are brought to the surface by natural events including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (the same way diamonds are formed).  Perdiots also have a link with the cosmos, with traces of Olivine (the base form of peridot) found in comet dust and extraterrestrial peridot crystals discovered in Pallasite meteorites!

It's one of the few gemstones that is found in only one colour - a light-shifting green that ranges from pale chartreuse through to deep olive green, with shimmering alternative greens and golds that change with the light. Faceted gemstone cuts are used to better refract light, showcasing more of the peridot stone colours at once.


Perdiot is crystsalised olivine, a mineral from the forsterite-fayalite family comprised of magnesium and iron. Olivine itself is abundantly found but the crystalised peridot is relatively rare, and it's difficult to find gemstones that are large in size.

The colour varies from vivid yellow-green with gold hues, to mid-green and deep olive in colour. The darkest olive green perdiots are the most expensive. Unlike many other gems, the colour of peridot cannot be artificially altered so they are not heat treated or otherwise enhanced like many similar birthstones.


Peridot is closely connected with the sun and the universe, and is worn as a talisman in gold and silver jewellery. It is believed that perdiot gemstones help attune the wearer, assisting them in focusing on achieving their goals or improving their mindset and emotional well being.
Said to be a cleansing stone that helps to restore positive vibration and lift emotional blockages, the peridot is a stone that assists personal transformation and growth.
Reiki practitioners often use peridot at the end of treatments to amplify and enhance the effects. It said peridot can release nervous tension, alleviate fears and calm anxiety when placed over the solar plexus, and it's used to open the heart chakra to relieve negative emotional tension.
peridot birthstone stacking ring


Peridot gemstones are often substituted in jewellery by green glass crystals to make them more effordable. Jewellery designer Lilia Nash uses lab-grown gemstones as an ethical and more economical alternative.  Ethical gemstones have a lesser environmental impact as well as ensuring no one was exploited to obtain them, they're also far less expensive than their naturally-made counterparts, so they allow fans to buy bigger peridot stones with a smaller budget.

If only a natural peridot stone will do, fair trade peridots are Lilia's stone of choice. These beautiful natural gemstones were mined by companies operating a fair trade policy, meaning their workers are fairly compensated for sourcing the stones.


Peridot is said to bestow the wearer with good fortune, peace and happiness. It's closely associated with wealth and prosperity, personal growth and romantic love. Wearers of peridot are said to be protected from evil spirits and when the stone is set in gold, it can protect the wearer from nightmares.

Peridot birthstone jewellery traditionally features gemstones set in gold or silver, and this forms the basis for the Lilia Nash collection of August birthstone jewellery. You can see some of the pieces below or see all of our sapphires suitable for birthdays in our August Birthday Gift page.

Lilia Nash also offers a bespoke jewellery design service. If you're interested in creating a piece of peridot jewellery in 18ct golds, silver or platinum - Contact Lilia with your ideas.


Peridot is the traditional 16th wedding anniversary gift, with silver holloware (hollow silverware like jugs and bowls) also gaining popularity more recently. For this reason, sterling silver peridot jewellery has become an increasingly popular gift for 16th wedding anniversaries.

Lilia Nash peridot necklaces, earrings and bracelets are an ideal 16th anniversary gift but if you have something else in mind for him or for her, contact Lilia with your ideas.

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    Signature 18ct Gold Peridot Necklace (August Birthstone)

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    18ct Gold Personalised Birthstone Necklace (1- 6 Gems)

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  • 18ct Gold Petite Milgrain Perdiot August Birthstone Necklace

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Visit the Lilia Nash Jewellery Shop to see our full range of peridot jewellery in 18 carat gold and Sterling silver.

Lilia Nash


Lilia Nash is an independent jewellery designer working from a boutique jewellery shop and studio in Lechlade, Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.

She has a passion for ethical jewellery making, using recycled gold, silver and platinum to create her collections. All of the diamonds and gemstones featured in Lilia's jewellery are either fair trade or lab-grown,  lessening environmental impact and ensuring that fair prices have been paid throughout the supply chain.

Lilia is dedicated to creating handmade jewellery that's of exceptional quality, made with the finest quality materials.