Traditionally an eternity ring is a ring given to mark a memorable occasion, a birth or anniversary perhaps, with a continuous line of stones going around the ring. The main history of the eternity ring is that of the wedding ring, which dates as far back as the Ancient Egyptians who gave rope as a sign of eternal commitment.

The concept of the diamond eternity ring was created in the 1960s by De Beers, iDiamond and Tsavorite Eco Silver Ring order to utilise Russian diamonds which were often too small to be used as single stones in engagement rings. Eternity rings featuring paste stones, topaz or a mixture of stones were seen in the 18th century, with 'half eternity' rings having stones across the face rather than all of the way round. These half eternity rings are quite popular today if a ring is set with stones side by side, to make the band less bulky and more comfortable to wear.

One thing you need to bear in mind about any eternity ring is that they cannot be re-sized, so you need to make sure you know your correct ring size when ordering.

I have just included in my collection several different eternity rings both with stones right around, scattered, or on the top face of the ring, where you can select from a choice of silver, white, yellow or rose gold, or platinum and whether you would like your ring set with diamonds, a mixture of diamonds and emeralds or sapphires, or some other stone. The idea behind this is to create a ring which is totally unique and specially made for you. So the choice is entirely up to you.

Please get in touch with me directly if you'd like to discuss a special eternity ring, almost anything is possible provided you allow me enough time to design and make your ring.