Citrine is the November birthstone. Often confused with topaz, it has a golden yellow hue which can darken to almost black in some cases. One of the best things about citrine gemstones is that they can be both beautiful and affordable, and are perfect for earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets.

The name citrine is derived from the lemon yellow colour, and they are lovely stones particularly shimmering and warm in autumn. They are also lovely stones for anyone who likes yellow and gold coloured gemstones, as other than yellow diamonds and golden topaz, there are not that many stones of that shade.

Citrine Earrings in 18ct Gold
citrine necklace in 18ct gold
november birthstone bracelet

Good luck, success and fortune are often attributed to the citrine, and in fact one of its alternative names in the past has been the 'success stone'. Citrine brings positive energy wherever it is worn. it's a happy stone, and is said to have healing properties also. The November birthstone is one of my favourites.

As a gift for Christmas, or if your birth month is November, you might like to consider the citrine. I use stones from the palest yellow to the warmth of the Fire Citrine, and all look beautiful and unusual, when you wear one of these stones expect to be asked what it is.


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