With Valentine's Day coming round again and if you're wondering what to give as a gift - consider a piece of jewellery Jewellery lasts for ever, always makes a wonderful gift and it's so much more special than the normal and frequently silly gifts you can find in the stores. A piece of jewellery for Valentine's Day may cost a little more, but then something really special almost always does and shows how much you care.

I've designed and made some pieces of jewellery that would make perfect Valentine's Day Gifts - You'll find all my collection that is in stock and ready to deliver in Express Delivery Gifts. You can choose from a range of prices, but whatever you select you can be sure that they are all unique to my designs which you won't find in any of the stores, and have been hand made from ethically sourced, fair trade and conflict free gold, silver and gemstones.

I always think that Valentine's Day can be tricky for gifts unless you're giving a ring. And there is always a vast amount spent on engagement rings on Valentine's Day. However that little box doesn't have to contain a ring, it frequently isn't appropriate and it can be something else beautiful and special.

Diamond Bar Necklace in 18ct Gold
Pearl Earrings

The tradition is to give cards, flowers, chocolates and fragrance, but how much more special a Valentine's Day piece of jewellery that doesn't have to cost the earth, but is individual in design and quality?

So here are my 10 favourites from my collection which I can despatch beautifully boxed by next day delivery - which is why I've called them Express Delivery Gifts.

If you'd like to commission a ring from my collection please get in touch with me, I do keep a few in stock, but in most cases they have to be sized and made specially for each person. The normal delivery time is about six weeks, depending on the availability of your chosen stone, setting and finish.

Baroque Pearl Necklace
Garnet & Diamond Earrings
Sapphire Flower Pendant in 18ct Gold
Flower Petal Pendant in 18ct Yellow Gold
Turquoise Silver Pendant
Blue Topaz Earrings in 18ct Gold
Diamond Silver Bar Earrings
Flower Petal Pendant in 18ct White Gold