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One of a kind pear cut blue sapphire ring in 950 platinum. Available now in UK ring size L. Free Worldwide delivery.
P&P for Hire of Ring Sizer Gauge-2580
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When you're buying a ring as a gift, it isn't always easy to choose the right size! That's why Lilia Nash offers a free ring sizing service for all in stock rings in our online shop

How to Choose the Right Size Ring

If you're ready to buy a ring for Lilia Nash but you're unsure about how to find the perfect size, make sure you check out our guide to choosing the perfect size engagement ring! This will help you choose the best size ring available in our online shop.

However it's not always possible to get the perfect size first time when you're buying a surprise gift, so we offer a FREE ring resizing service for most of the in stock rings available in our online shop. The only exception is rings with stones set in the band itself.

You'll find the information on the product pages explaining how many sizes up or down each design can be amended by.


About Our Free Resizing Service

To ensure you buy the best possible ring when you're not 100% sure on the sizing, we've added some information to our ring product pages that explains which sizes Lilia can resize each design between. This varies between designs, so please check the product page for more information!



If you'd like your ring engraved but you're not sure on the size, we recommend you order without engraving. We can undertake engraving after your ring is resized or the size has been checked, just send us a message with your order number and let us know you'd like it engraved.

How The Resizing Process Works

It's generally easier to resize rings to be made smaller, so you'll see more options on that end of the scale. If you can't find out the exact size using our ring sizer loan service ahead of purchase, it's best that your ring is [larger/smaller] to ensure resizing is possible.

If you discover that your ring is too big or too small when it's been gifted, contact us with your order number to arrange resizing. You can either visit the Lilia Nash Jewellery Studio to drop off your ring or send it to us via insured mail.

The only fee we charge for resizing in stock ring is for the return postage following resizing, we will advise you of this fee ahead of you sending us your ring and we will create a custom listing for you to pay for the cost of return postage. Resizing generally takes 5 working days to complete.

If you find the ring doesn't fit and you're unsure of the size you want, we recommend using our ring gauge loan service or you can visit any jeweller and utilise their ring sizing service. A deposit of £50 is paid for our ring sizer loan service, which is refunded once it's returned. Please include the paperwork provided when we send your ring gauge to make it easy for us to process your refund.

Lilia Nash


Lilia Nash is an independent jewellery designer working from a boutique jewellery shop and studio in Lechlade, Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.