Bespoke wedding ring design by Lilia Nash - 950 Men's platinum wedding ring with diamonds.
A bespoke platinum wedding ring with art nouveau engraved detail. Custom ring design at Lilia Nash.
Concrete Texture Men's Silver Ring

A leap year happens every 4 years. It's special for a few reasons, with different cultures adding extra days or months to help their calendars better sync with celestial and seasonal events. In the Western world, it's mainly marked by an additional day in February.

February 29th has become best known for being the date that men are proposed to, or when women are the ones making proposals. It's become a much celebrated event by empowered women and since the equalisation of marriage rights, the LGBTQ+ community.

If you're planning to pop the question to the man in your life on February 29th 2020, here's everything you need to know...

Buy an Engagement Ring for Men

Men's engagement rings can be designed in a range of styles, but they tend to be larger in size than most rings made for women. This is because men's hands are, on average, larger than women's hands. This of course isn't always true, so there are no hard and fast rules about which rings are suitable. It's more about the wearer's finger size and personal style preferences.

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If the man in your life already owns some rings or even other jewellery like earrings and chains, their style is a great place to start. You can learn a lot about what he'd love in an engagement ring from the jewellery he keeps around or already wears frequently. Consider the following as a great starting point:

  • Which metals feature in his jewellery collection? Does he have a clear preference for cool metals like white gold or is he more into the warm lustre of yellow and rose gold?
  • Are the rings he owns generally slim or wider in the band? Are his earrings and necklaces bold or minimalist?
  • What are the finishes like on the metal? Is he partial to a matte sheen, hammered texture or something more unique?
  • Do diamonds or other gemstones feature in his jewellery or does he prefer engraving, or no decoration at all?

A little investigation can give you a pretty good picture of the kind of ring he'd love wearing.

There are several things to consider if you go for a wider style of engagement ring, including whether or not he'll want to wear it on the same finger as his wedding ring. Buying a 7mm width engagement ring gives you lots of room for decoration but it'll be tricky to fit it alongside a wedding ring unless it's very slim! Consider how long and wide his fingers are before committing to a really chunky ring. Of course, he could always wear it on the other hand - but it's nice to have the option to wear both together.

When it comes to finding the right ring size, the same rules apply for both men and women. Take a look at my guide to finding your partner's ring size for more details!

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Last Order Dates for Men's Engagement Rings

You can either shop the range of men's engagement rings available, customise a men's wedding ring design to have more of a unique engagement style or create something completely bespoke!

Men's engagement rings are generally less complicated to make than women's, but they still need to created by hand and sent for hallmarking before they can be sent to you.

Customers should order a men's engagement ring or wedding ring no later than 5th January.

Bespoke engagement rings often take a touch longer to create, so if you'd like to have a completely unique ring made, send me a message as soon as possible to ensure we don't miss the date!

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