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"Minimalist Engagement Rings are gaining popularity thanks to their practicality and dainty, charming look. They generally feature a slimmer band than traditional rings, with either a single solitaire diamond or a scattering of petite gems."

Why Go Minimalist?

diamond stacking ring
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The idea that an engagement ring should feature a large, expensive diamond was invented by marketing teams to convince you to spend more on your ring. A proposal ring should represent your love, your relationship and reflect the individual tastes of the person wearing it. If everyone wanted the same thing, we'd only need a single engagement ring design.

Ring shaming posts on social media have received a lot of attention in the press, with a focus on the cost of the ring being central to the slating of minimalist styles. Ironically smaller rings don't necessarily mean they're cheap - the craftsmanship and demand on the jeweller are central to the pricing of engagement rings, with brand power, available quantities and bespoke design elements also factoring into the final retail price. A minimalist engagement ring made at a small artisan jewellery atelier is likely to cost more than a mass-produced High Street ring but less than from a big designer brand like Gucci.

In short, a minimalist engagement ring is no less special because it has less gold or a smaller diamond, and there are a variety of reasons someone might choose to buy one...

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  • Small engagement rings use less resources, so they're more environmentally friendly than their larger counterparts. Minimalist jewellery is loved by people who wish to honour tradition but also want to be more ethically conscientious.
  • Many of us use our hands day to day to complete work, care for our families and maintain our households. Larger engagement rings can be impractical as it's more likely they'll rub or catch on things if you use your hands a lot. A smaller engagement ring with a slimmer profile is able to be worn day-to-day with less chance of it impacting the tasks you undertake.
  • Not everyone wears jewellery regularly. If you generally don't wear rings, suddenly wearing one 24-7 can be uncomfortable. Minimalist engagement rings are easier to adjust to and may be preferred by someone who doesn't generally bejewel their fingers.
  • They stack beautifully, so if you're planning to wear the engagement ring with a wedding band and eternity ring, you'll achieve a neater, shorter stack with minimalist rings.