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Jewellery Care

We recommend the following to keep your jewellery in beautiful, sparkling condition:


  • Wipe gemstones with a clean, soft cotton cloth;
  • Clean silver pieces regularly with a silver polishing cloth to prevent tarnishing;
  • Ask a professional jeweller to clean very dirty pieces;
  • Store your jewellery individually, wrapped in a soft cloth or tissue;
  • Wipe pearls with a damp cloth after use to keep lustre;
  • Enjoy wearing your jewellery, inspect it regularly, keep it clean and maintained, and it will last for years!


  • Have a bath, shower or clean wearing your jewellery. Even gold can develop a soapy film;
  • Wear jewellery in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi. The chlorine in the water will erode the metal;
  • Sleep or do physical activities with your jewellery on! Metal and gemstones can react to the salts and acids in perspiration;
  • Wear your jewellery when spraying perfume or applying body lotions, hairspray etc. They will damage the metal and gemstones;
  • Use harsh cleaners (silver dip, hot solutions or abrasives) on jewellery set with gemstones;
  • Store jewellery unprotected and jumbled together. The contact will damage the metal and stones;
  • Leave silver jewellery on a wood surface. Woods frequently contain acids that react to the metal and cause discoloration and tarnish;
  • Store jewellery in a damp environment. Moisture causes tarnish and corrosion;
  • Wash pearls with hot water or acid containing solution. It will destroy them.
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