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How To Match Jewellery To Your Outfit

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Sapphire stud earrings & Stacking Ring
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Different necklines, hair styles and sleeve lengths are flattered by different styles of jewellery. When you add the finishing touches to your party look, try these tips to maximise the impact...

Drop Earrings & Pendants

Gold February Amethyst Birthstone Necklace

Drop earrings hang away from the earlobe, often with bold pendants and decals that are incredibly eye-catching.

They are most impactful when worn with updos or shorter hair lengths, but women with long hair will love that they show even under mountains of loose waves.

Longer earrings suit looks where necklaces are less prominent, making them the perfect partner for petite pendant necklaces and dresses with high necklines.

amethyst gold petal drop earrings

Stud Earrings & Statement Necklaces

amethyst drop necklace

If you love a statement necklace then stud earrings offer a complementing look that doesn't detract from the main event. They come in a range of sizes from petite studs to lobe-covering shields, but they're much smaller in size than their dangling earring counterparts.

Studs are a great choice for women with cropped hair and elegant updos, providing a delicate flash of colour that doesn't demand to be the centre of attention. They're perfect for wearing with chokers, bold pendants and other focal necklaces.

18ct gold petals stud earrings

Short Sleeves & Bracelets

march birthstone bracelet

Going with a short sleeve or sleeveless look? Add a bracelet or 3 to create a focal point at the wrist.

An elegant stack of bangles or single statement charm bracelet brings a little something extra to a bare arm. Balance the look with a statement ring on the opposite hand.

Avoid low-hanging necklaces when wearing a lot of lower arm jewellery as it can make your look feel a little cluttered.

December birthstone bracelet

Stacking Rings & Clutch Bags

birthstone stacking rings

Clutch bags have been the go-to party handbag of the decade. These simple envelopes, baguettes and pochettes are perfectly sized for all of your night out essentials but they also draw attention to your hands.

As well as a well presented set of nails, a statement ring stack can enhance any outfit teamed with a clutch bag. Opt for a variety of colours or keep it simple with a coordinated stacking ring set.

Avoid wearing bracelets with clutchbags - not only do they get in the way of wrist straps, they're prone to catching on the bag fastenings which could damage your jewellery or scratch your bag.

Lilia Nash Gemstone Stacking Rings - Choice of 12 Gemstones

Theme Your Colours

Emerald Leaf Set

A little black dress goes with any jewellery you desire but will be best brought to life by brilliant white gemstones like diamonds, white topaz and moissanite.  Most fashion colours have complementing and clashing colours according to the colour wheel, so it's worth doing a little research to see what compliments your outfit the best. An easy way to match jewellery colours to your outfit is to go with more vibrant versions of the colour you're wearing.

If you're feeling more creative, try mixing colours together. You could choose a theme like zesty, with orange citrine, lime peridot and yellow sapphires, or try clashing gems like red ruby and blue sapphire.

Sapphire stud earrings & Stacking Ring

Mixing Metals?

Trinity Ring in 18ct Gold

The general rule to mixing metals is to keep to either gold or silver tones unless you can create a jewellery set that incorporates both colours. Jewellery usually looks better matched when a single metal is used for earrings and necklaces as they sit closely together, but there are exceptions.

Layering the same jewellery in both gold and silver tones is a great way to mix metals. Wear more than one pair of studs in yellow and white gold, layer up your pendants with silver and gold versions and mix white and yellow gold in your stacking ring sets.

Some jewellery is designed to incorporate more than one precious metal, like my Trinity Ring which features gold, white gold and rose gold.



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