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Covid-19 / Coronavirus Statement – Open Online Only

30th December 2020

The Lilia Nash Jewellery Studio is currently under tier 4 restrictions and cannot book in-person appointments.

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Guide to Sapphires – September Birthstone & Anniversary Gift

7th August 2020

Learn more about sapphires, fancy coloured sapphires and sapphire jewellery. Your guide to the September birthstone.

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What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

6th August 2020

Salt and pepper diamonds are a fabulous alternative to classic white diamonds. In this blog we explain the differences and why they’re becoming such a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewellery.

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Peridot Ring in Art Nouveau Style - Size K

Perdiot Meaning – Birthstone & Anniversary Gemstone Gift

14th July 2020

Peridot is a symbolic gemstone with a rich green-gold colour. Learn more about the gemstone, August birthstone & 16th wedding anniversary gift in this guide.

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P&P for Hire of Ring Sizer Gauge-2580

Lilia Nash FREE Ring Resizing Service

8th July 2020

Buying a surprise engagement ring or a gift? Find out more about our FREE ring resizing service to help you choose the perfect ring, first time!

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Platinum Vs White Gold – Which Should I Choose?

5th July 2020

White gold and platinum look very similar, so how do you choose? Learn more about both metals in this guide.

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Lilia Nash Jewellery Studio Reopening – June 29th 2020

22nd June 2020

The Lilia Nash Jewellery Studio will reopen with special safety measures in place. Learn more and pre-book your appointment here.

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What Are Fancy Sapphires? Lilia Nash Guide to Coloured Sapphires

27th May 2020

Fancy sapphires is another term used to describe coloured sapphires. These popular gemstones are increasingly used in engagement rings. Learn more about them and the available options in this guide.

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June Birthstone Jewellery – Alexandrite and Pearl

13th May 2020

Alexandrite is an exceptionally rare gemstone with a beautiful blue-purple hue. It’s often substituted with pearl as a fashionable, affordable alternative…

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