Everyone knows the saying 'diamonds are forever’. They’re often symbolic of a special moment, be that an engagement, wedding or birth of a child, you can see why this gemstone is used to represent eternal love.

It’s not only the beauty and sparkle of a diamond that makes you understand this, but the physical qualities of this precious gemstone are incredible too.

Diamonds Facts

???? diamonds are one of nature’s hardest materials?

???? diamonds can only be scratched by other diamonds?

But no matter how many facts on diamonds there are (and there are many), the rarity of them combined with their luxuriousness and brilliance makes sense of Marilyn Monroe singing

“Diamonds Diamonds, I don't mean rhinestones, But diamonds are a girl's best. Best friend”

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

I ensure that all of my diamonds have been ethically sourced, and are conflict-free in accordance with the Kimberley Process. I also use Canadian fair trade diamonds for the smaller settings, giving you peace of mind knowing that your diamond jewellery has been responsibly mined with minimal social and environmental impact. Read more here >

Here are some of my favourite diamond jewellery pieces from the Lilia Nash ethical jewellery collections: