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About Lilia Nash Gemstones

I'm passionate about designing bespoke ethical jewellery using traditional techniques, and I want to be sure that my pieces are made using the highest quality precious metals, diamonds, sapphires and other gemstones, with minimal impact on the environment and fair prices paid along the supply chain.

This Spring I have selected a host of ethical and fair trade gems that can be set in one of my custom ring designs, or be used as the focal stone in a completely bespoke piece of jewellery. I've selected each gem based on its physical characteristics, with unique colours and cuts that are truly dazzling.

Blue & Coloured Sapphires

Sapphires are my best-selling choice thanks to the rainbow of colours they can come in. The only colour you'll never find a sapphire in is red, because a red sapphire is a ruby! They're from the same family of gemstones. In 2019 teal, pale mint, powder blues and blush pinks are among the most popular choices for my bespoke ring designs. Create a ring made with 18ct gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum featuring any sapphire in my gemstone catalogue.

teal sapphire and diamond cluster ring
  • Fuchsia Pink Sapphire 6.3mm 1.33ct SA161

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  • 4.9mm Mint Green Sapphire 0.50ct SA164

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  • Princess Cut Yellow Natural Sapphire – 4.5mm 0.65ct – SA165

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  • Princess Cut Pink Natural Sapphire – 4.8mm 0.91ct – SA163

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Salt & Pepper Diamonds

People are increasingly looking for something unique to set in a statement ring or engagement ring, and salt & pepper diamonds are one of the most popular options for something out of the ordinary. These beautiful diamonds come in a host of colours from deep greys to icy, opalescent whites and thanks to their unique natural patterns, no two stones are ever the same.

  • pear shape diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 2.40ct DI009

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  • rose cut diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 1.50ct DI010

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  • Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 0.8ct DI026

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  • Salt and Pepper Rose Cut Round Diamond 0.70ct DI022

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Other Gemstones

Many people use a gemstone to theme their jewellery so it always matches, so it's no surprise that I get a lot of requests for rubies, tourmaline, amethyst, topaz and other statement gemstones in my bespoke jewellery design. To see the full range I currently have available, head over to my Gemstone Catalogue.

18ct Gold Citrine Swirl Ring - November Birthstone
  • ruby

    RU001 5mm Natural Ruby 0.69ct

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  • seafoam tourmaline, 5mmseafoam tourmaline, 5mm

    Fair Trade Seafoam Blue Tourmaline 5mm, TO001

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  • moisanitemoissanite

    6mm Forever One Moissanite MO001

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  • chatham rubychatham ruby

    6mm Chatham Ruby RU002

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Find the Perfect Gemstone

Can't see what you're looking for? I can find the perfect diamond or gemstone to create a bespoke ring. Contact me using the form below with your requirements, and I'll reply with some options and a no-obligation quote.

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