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Create the perfect ring or diamond engagement ring with Lilia Nash. Choose one of Lilia's customisable designs featuring your favourite diamond, or contact us about designing a ring with your choice of statement ethical diamond. Spend over £2000 and receive a free luxury wooden ring box with your order.


Choose one of the designs below to see all of the available diamonds and other gemstones available to be set in that ring. You can either design your ring using our custom ring builder, or contact us about making further design tweaks or to source a special diamond.

Find the Perfect Diamond

Lilia Nash diamonds are purchased from ethical and fair trade suppliers. Lilia chooses each diamond for its natural beauty and unique features. Choose between classic white, jet black, salt and pepper and other unusual coloured diamonds. We add new diamonds to our gemstone catalogue regularly, so you can either check back for the latest additions or contact us about finding a gem.

  • black diamond

    Black Diamond 1.25ct DI012

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  • diamond

    4.6mm Brilliant Cut Diamond DI002

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  • rose cut diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 1.50ct DI010

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  • salt and pepper diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Opalescent Salt and Pepper Diamond 1.33ct DI005

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  • pear shape diamondsalt and pepper diamonds

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 2.40ct DI009

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  • rose cut diamondrose cut diamond

    Kite Shape Opalescent Diamond 0.81ct DI007

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  • rose cut diamond hexagonsalt and pepper diamonds

    Hexagonal Opalescent Diamond 1.12ct DI008

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  • salt and pepper pear shape diamond, 1.39 carats1.39 Ct Fair Trade Salt and Pepper Diamond - Lilia Nash Bespoke

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shape Diamond 1.39ct DI013

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Bespoke Diamond Rings & Engagement Rings

Want to create something completely unique? Lilia Nash's bespoke diamond ring design service gives you more creative freedom than our customisable designs. Ask us to source the perfect diamond, add more stones or create a matching engagement ring and wedding ring set. Take a look our inspiration gallery or get in touch using the form below.

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