Each month has at least one stunning gemstone attributed to it as a birthstone by astrologers and gemologists, each with different meanings and symbols.


December’s birthstones are the stunning blue topaz and the alluring turquoise.

Blue Topaz

Topaz comes in many different colours; white, yellow red, grey orange and brown, but the December birthstone is blue topaz. Coming in a spectrum of blues from pale to the deep London blue topaz, it is a wonderful gemstone. Some believe that blue topaz has healing powers and will protect you from sadness, some say it calms, relaxes and fights off negative emotions.

A less know fact is that it is also the gemstone of 4th and 19th wedding anniversaries.


Turquoise is derived from the Greek work ‘Turkois’ meaning ‘Turkish’ because it originally discovered in Turkey.

The stone of protection it is thought to have healing and calming qualities.

Its distinctive turquoise hue with delicate veining ensures each stone is unique.

Lilia Nash’s December birthstone gifts

With Christmas so close, for those with December birthdays it can often be difficult to know what to buy. The perfect excuse for a gemstone gift, birthstone jewellery is a thoughtful and meaningful present.

Discover our beautiful range of eye-catching topaz necklaces and bracelets, and statement turquoise jewellery.

Blue topaz gold necklace
Blue topaz earrings with 18ct gold petals
Blue topaz silver birthstone earrings
Blue topaz charm birthstone bracelet
Customer made blue topaz ring
Blue topaz birthstone necklace
Bespoke turquoise cocktail ring
Turquoise and diamond pendant in 18ct gold
Lilia Nash December Birthstone Jewellery Guide

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