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Jewellery is a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day, but it's important to choose the right piece for your partner. In this guide, I explain the different types of jewellery gifted for Valentine's Day and when it's best to choose them.

Why Jewellery is Popular as a Valentine's Day Gift

Jewellery is intrinsically linked with our society. For as far back as we can reference sociologically, adornments were gifted by one person to another as a sign of love and affection. This behaviour is even exhibited in the animal kingdom, with birds such as magpies collecting aesthetically pleasing trinkets to adorn the future nest that their potential mate could raise their young in.

Sparkly rings are used to represent our commitment to one another, with diamond engagement rings being the preferred way to express commitment during living memory. The act of gifting ring can be dated back thousands of years, with the gifting of an infinite circular band being one of the longest serving traditions human beings have ever observed.

Jewels themselves have always been a sign of status, with the gifting of them representing personal success and wealth. Offering jewellery as a gift exhibits both a luxurious gesture in terms of investment, but also a highly personal and affectionate investment in knowing the person themselves.

Which Jewellery Makes the Best Valentine's Day Gift?

Thinking of buying jewellery as a Valentine's gift? Avoid a faux pas by following a few simple rules to match the type of jewellery you buy to your relationship. Aside from buying jewellery that's similar in style or colour to jewellery your partner already wears, it's important that your gift is appropriate for where you are in a relationship...

Valentine's Day Gifts - New Relationships

Tradition is so deeply ingrained in our society and that means there's etiquette that's wise to observe when buying jewellery as a Valentine's Day gift. Unless you're planning to propose, it's wise to avoid any kind of ring before you're engaged. A ring-sized box can even be problematic when it comes to gifting jewellery on the most romantic day of the year - so even earrings can instigate an anti-climax or sense of relief, and that's probably not the romantic gift-giving experience you have in mind.

If it's early days in your relationship or you're happy with the way things are going but not ready to pop the question just yet, bracelets and necklaces are the perfect jewellery choice. They're sparkly, they're very special and they are much less likely to be confused with an engagement ring.

Shown: 18ct gold Petals pendant & chain with rose cut garnet

Valentine's Day Gifts - Engagement Rings

If you're ready to commit, Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year you can propose - aside from your anniversary.

Making a Valentine's Day proposal requires a little planning, so you'll need to find out her ring size and what kind of jewellery she likes! Check out my guide to buying an engagement ring for some tips.

Engagement rings take a little while to make and be hallmarked, so you'll need to plan ahead! My last Valentine's Day order date for made-to-order jewellery is January 10th 2019 for UK customers. You can find more information and my international last order dates on my Valentine's Day Gift Shop page.

Missed the date? Check out my in stock engagement rings, all of which can be sent the next working day if ordered before 12pm GMT.

Shown: 18ct white gold moissanite cluster engagement ring

Valentine's Day Gifts - Engaged or Recently Married

If you're already engaged or recently married, choosing jewellery that matches or complements her engagement ring or wedding ring is the perfect choice.

Choose earrings or a necklace that matches her ring/s, choosing the same gold, gemstone or other detail to match the design. Most of my jewellery can be made in a choice of metals to make the task easier.

Creating a jewellery set using her most treasured jewellery as a starting point is a romantic way to create a unique jewellery look that's laden with sentimentality.

Shown: 18ct white gold twist stud earrings  to match the 18ct white gold triple twist wedding ring

Valentine's Day Gifts - Eternity Rings

If you're shopping for a long-time love, an eternity ring is a great choice. These beautiful bands feature diamonds, sapphires or other gemstones lining the outer face of the ring.  Choose between a half band or full band of sparkling stones.

Eternity rings are usually worn above or below the engagement ring, with the wedding ring sitting on the opposite side of the engagement ring. They can also be worn on another finger or even the other hand, depending on preference.

Buying an eternity ring is the perfect way to propose a vow renewal, with the ring slipping onto her finger on the day of the ceremony.

Shown: 18ct white gold sapphire half eternity band

Valentine's Day Ring Stack

A lot of special dates are celebrated with the gift of jewellery; Valentine's day, birthdays, mother's day, wedding anniversaries and of course Christmas!

Stacking rings are a beautiful way to celebrate special dates. You can match them to either a month of the year or a wedding anniversary year, creating a new ring to add to the stack for each special occasion.

Lilia Nash gemstone stacking rings have a choice of 12 statement stones set alongside a fair trade diamond, with options in 18ct gold or white gold.

Shown: 18ct white gold gemstone & diamond stacking rings (Alexandrite, Sapphire & Amethyst)

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

Did February 14th slip your mind? If you've missed the final order date for made to order jewellery, don't despair - we have a small range of in-stock rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that will seem anything but last minute. We can even gift wrap your order for you!

Lilia creates one of a kind jewellery using statement gemstones, and we usually have a small selection of these special pieces available to order. All of Lilia's Ready to Wear jewellery is already made, hallmarked where applicable and is ready to send. Order before 12pm (GMT) and we'll send it to you the next working day!

Shown: 18ct rose gold bar ruby studded earrings