The Lilia Nash Petals Collection of Jewellery in 18ct gold and white gold features pearls, diamonds & other gemstones. White Gold & Pearl Earrings.
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Bridal jewellery puts the finishing touch to your wedding day look. Find the perfect wedding day jewellery for brides and bridesmaids in this guide.

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Match Jewellery Styles with the Cut of Your Dress

Your wedding dress is the centrepiece of your bridal look, and everything that is used to accessorize should be sympathetic to the style, colour and detail in your gown.

If you have a high neckline, avoid low-hanging necklaces, or forgo a necklace all together! Instead, opt for a statement pair of earrings that will complement your wedding day hair style. For loose and long hair styles, try some larger drop hook earrings that will peek out from beneath your locks. For up-dos and other styles where the hair is pinned away from the ears, you can wear statement stud earrings and longer, slimmer drop hook styles like our Diamond Moon Earrings (pictured).

Bracelets are best worn with dresses featuring short sleeves or sleeveless styles. Wear the bracelet around the wrist of your non-dominant hand so it doesn't get hidden by your bouquet!

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Match Your Metals to Your Wedding Ring

Most brides opt to match the metal of their wedding ring to their engagement ring, or may even have a bridal ring set that was designed to match.

If you've chosen traditional yellow gold for your rings, wearing gold jewellery will create a more complete look for your wedding day accessories. Ask your bridesmaids to follow suit by wearing complementing jewellery in the same colour tones.

If you've got a mixture of different metals, you can layer different jewellery styles together a little more effectively. White gold and rose gold often feature together in wedding and engagement rings, giving you the freedom to play with either colour or both as a common theme.

The Lilia Nash Petals Collection of Jewellery in 18ct gold and white gold features pearls, diamonds & other gemstones. White Gold & Pearl Earrings.

Use Gemstones & Pearls to Enhance Your Themes

Gemstones and pearls are the perfect way to tie your jewellery into your bridal theme. Choose gemstones that match the colours in your theme, you can find different gemstone jewellery by colour in my shop.

Many bridal looks include pearl, bead and diamante embellishments. Use diamond jewellery to match a more sparkly look and pearl jewellery to complement lace, bead and pearl-embroidered dresses.

If you've opted for a more classic wedding look, plain gold jewellery is the perfect accessory. Try petite pendants and stud earrings in 18ct gold, white gold or rose gold to match your rings.

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Create Bespoke Jewellery to Match

Many wedding and engagement rings can be difficult to match jewellery to. It's common for jewellery designers to focus on creating bridal rings, but it's rare that they're designed as part of a bigger collection of jewellery.

Bespoke jewellery allows you to create matching earrings, necklaces and bracelets featuring the same gemstones, metals and general design style as your rings. It may be that you've chosen unusual gemstones like salt and pepper diamonds, and you're struggling to find similar earrings to wear on your big day!

Whether you had the original ring designed as a custom piece or not, it may be possible to create a complementing design. Keep in mind that reputable jewellers won't copy other people's designs, so if the original jeweller sells or can make matching pieces - it's best to ask them first before making a request with a different jeweller.

Lilia Nash offers bespoke jewellery design services both online and in person at her Jewellery Studio in Lechlade, Gloucestershire (UK).

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Buy Jewellery as a Bridesmaid's Gift

Jewellery is a traditional gift for bridesmaids, usually gifted either on the day of the wedding or at the final dress fitting. These sentimental gifts will be worn fondly with the memory of your day, and it's an easy way to tie your wedding day looks together!

Most jewellery ranges feature minimalist and statement styles. Lilia's Flower Petals range includes everything from plain stud earrings to elaborate necklaces and drop hook earring styles. Choosing similarly styled jewellery for your bridesmaids really brings your looks together.

You can also follow your colour themes with gemstone colours, or choose the gemstone that represents the month your wedding takes place. Gifts like minimalist gemstone rings (pictured) can also be engraved with the date or another special message.

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Lilia Nash


Lilia Nash is an independent jewellery designer working from a boutique jewellery shop and studio in Lechlade, Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.

She has a passion for ethical jewellery making, using recycled gold, silver and platinum to create her collections. All of the diamonds and gemstones featured in Lilia's jewellery are either fair trade or lab-grown,  lessening environmental impact and ensuring that fair prices have been paid throughout the supply chain.

Lilia is dedicated to creating handmade jewellery that's of exceptional quality, made with the finest quality materials.