Lab Grown Gemstones – an Ethical Alternative?

padparadscha sapphire

Are lab-grown gemstones “green”? Although no gemstone has zero environmental impact, it’s true that the production of lab-grown gems does not require moving large amounts of earth like mining. There’s also no chance of drinking water pollution. Crystal growers do use energy and chemicals derived from the earth but the carbon footprint of crystal growth…

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Christmas Shopping in Lechlade

Christmas shopping in Lechlade with Lilia Nash

We’ll be opening our boutique until 6.30pm on Saturday 16th December for our Christmas Shopping evening.  Come along and browse our jewellery collections, talk to Lilia and go home with the perfect gift (for you or your loved one!). We’ll have mince pies and a few drinks on too from 4.30pm. We’re open from 10.30am…

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October Birthstone: Tourmaline

Lilia Nash Bespoke Tourmaline Engagement Ring

Tourmaline is the birthstone for those born in October, whilst different gemstones they share the same richness in their variety of colours from almost every hue. According to legend Tourmaline came to earth through a journey involving rainbows, and you can see why with its kaleidoscope of different colours. One of my favourites and one…

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My New Boutique – NOW OPEN

Lilia Nash Jewellery Boutique Lechlade

Our boutique doors are now open, a perfect way to browse our jewellery collection and you will receive 25% off all jewellery (excluding bespoke jewellery) between 30th September and 7th October 2017. Your visit will also give you the opportunity to get inspiration for a bespoke piece, or maybe you’d like to chat through having…

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Lilia Nash Boutique in Lechlade-on-Thames, Cotswolds

Lilia Nash Jewellery Boutique

It has always been a dream of mine to open a boutique close to my workshop where I can meet clients and they can try on my jewellery, and discuss bespoke jewellery creations. We have been working hard the past few months and finally I am excited to announce this dream has become a reality!…

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August birthstone: Peridot

Peridot Earrings in 18ct Gold

Peridot is the birthstone for August. It is easily recognised with its striking, unique green colour. It is unusual in that it’s the only gemstone to come in one colour, although the green can be different shades depending on the percentage of iron that it contains, causing the intensity and tint of the green to…

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July Birthstone Jewellery: The Ruby

ruby mini bar studs

The ruby is known as the king of gems. If you are born in July your birthstone is the ruby, and lucky you! A ruby is one of the most sought after gemstones, with its instantly recognisable deep red hue. It’s no surprise that this stone has been revered since ancient times, they are said to…

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June Birthstone Jewellery: Pearl and Alexandrite

pearl stacking ring

“…..30 days hath September, April, June and November” is how the well-known poem starts and I’m certainly looking forward to the 30 days of June as we inch closer towards our Summer here in the U.K. It’s the month with the most daylight hours, and it’s also the month that has two birthstones associated with…

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The Birthstone for May: Emerald

Lilia Nash Bespoke Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

May has to be one of my favourite times of year. Summer is just around the corner, the trees are green again, and while the blossom may be mostly gone you know that what is still to come will be beautiful. If you’re lucky enough to be born in May then the emerald is your…

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Bibury Wedding Fair

weddng fair

We had a lovely day at the Swan Inn Wedding Fair, in Bibury yesterday. It was a beautiful warm spring day and plenty of tourists were enjoying the stunning scenery of this quaint Cotswold village. Despite the weather outside, plenty of couples came to the fair to meet the various wedding suppliers, from scrumptious wedding…

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December’s birthstones: blue topaz and turquoise

Each month has at least one stunning gemstone attributed to it as a birthstone by astrologers and gemologists, each with different meanings and symbols.   December’s birthstones are the stunning blue topaz and the alluring turquoise. Blue Topaz Topaz comes in many different colours; white, yellow red, grey orange and brown, but the December birthstone…

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Diamonds are forever

Everyone knows the saying ‘diamonds are forever’. They’re often symbolic of a special moment, be that an engagement, wedding or birth of a child, you can see why this gemstone is used to represent eternal love. It’s not only the beauty and sparkle of a diamond that makes you understand this, but the physical qualities…

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October Wedding Fayre

Ethical wedding rings using recycled gold.

Looking for unique handmade wedding rings? Then please come and meet us at the Swan Hotel Wedding Fayre in Bibury on Sunday, 16th October 2016. 12 noon until 4pm. The Swan Hotel is located in the picturesque Cotswold village of Bibury, famous for its grassy meadows, honey-coloured cottages and the River Coln that gently flows through the…

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New Sapphire Flower Ring

Sapphire flower ring

One of my most popular designs was this pretty sapphire flower ring, set with a sparkly blue sapphire. The ring sold out quickly and it took me a fair while to find replacement blue sapphires for a new ring. I am now able to make a further two rings in any size, plus the featured…

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A Kaleidoscope of Colours – Coloured Gemstones in Demand

New Sapphires

Recently at Sotheby’s Geneva auction house, a ruby weighing 25.59 carats sold for £19.5 million. The market for coloured diamonds and precious gemstones is very strong this year, with a pink diamond also selling for £10.5 million. Women are increasingly seeking coloured gems in preference to standard white diamonds. On my Design your Own Ring…

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Lilia’s Favourite Picks for Valentines Day Gifts

Pearl Earrings

With Valentine’s Day coming round again and if you’re wondering what to give as a gift – consider a piece of jewellery Jewellery lasts for ever, always makes a wonderful gift and it’s so much more special than the normal and frequently silly gifts you can find in the stores. A piece of jewellery for…

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Why You Should Only Buy Ethical or Recycled Gold Jewellery

Men's Contemporary Diamond Ring

I am passionate about only using ethical, recycled gold for my jewellery and always have been. It causes the least damage to the planet, and it creates jewellery just as beautiful as directly mined gold. But this post is not just a way of saying ‘buy from me’ but trying to explain why ethical gold…

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A Guide to Buying Large or Plus Size Rings

Matching Wedding Rings in 18ct Gold

Large size or plus size wedding or engagement rings can be difficult to find whether you’re looking on the high street or you want a bespoke ring. Most jewellers offer average sizes, and this can be very disappointing if you find something you like and you can’t have it in your size. So the first…

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New In Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarine ring

Aquamarine gemstones make the prettiest rings, either as engagement rings or dress rings. The pale sea blue colour of the aquamarine is set off perfectly by either a white or yellow gold setting, white looking cool and contemporary, and yellow gold creating a rich warmth to the stone. I love creating rings with aquamarines, as…

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Our New Eternity Rings

Diamond Eternity Ring in 18ct White Gold

Traditionally an eternity ring is a ring given to mark a memorable occasion, a birth or anniversary perhaps, with a continuous line of stones going around the ring. The main history of the eternity ring is that of the wedding ring, which dates as far back as the Ancient Egyptians who gave rope as a sign…

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November Birthstone Jewellery – Citrine

November Birthstone Necklace with 3 Stones

Citrine is the November birthstone. Often confused with topaz, it has a golden yellow hue which can darken to almost black in some cases. One of the best things about citrine gemstones is that they can be both beautiful and affordable, and are perfect for earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. The name citrine is derived from the…

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The Five Elements of Choosing a Wedding Ring

Matching Wedding Rings in 18ct Gold

Choosing a wedding ring, or wedding band, is a very personal thing. Do you want a modern or traditional ring? Do you both want matching wedding rings? In which case something classic may well be the best choice. Or do you want one ring set with sparkling diamonds and the other the same design but…

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Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Limited Edition Gemstone

Princess Cut Sapphire Ring

My new princess cut engagement ring features a beautiful limited edition sapphire, available in one of four colours; hot pink (code SAPP01), lemon yellow, (SAPP02), purple (SAPP03), and golden yellow (SAPP04). Sapphires come in a number of different colours, but to find four stones like these is exceptional, so if you’re interested please let me…

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