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When designing your own engagement ring the choices might seem endless and confusing, that is why Lilia has put together this bespoke engagement ring design guide to help you through the process.

To design your own engagement ring there 4 main choices for you to make.

  • Ring design - what style of ring do you like, solitaire, Art Deco, Trilogy?
  • Ring setting - do you like a fluted, flower or flush setting?
  • The gemstone - do you love a classic diamond, a stunning sapphire or a more unusual engagement ring gemstone?
  • Metal and finish - from recycled 18ct yellow gold to platinum in a polished, satin or one of Lilia's signature finishes.

Ring Design

From Lilia's Art Nouveau ring to the classic simplicity of a solitaire engagement ring here are Lilia's signature ring designs.

When you browse the designs please bear in mind that not all designs suit all sizes of stone.

Lilia will be happy to discuss a ring design not shown below.

art nouveau rings
Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring
rose gold blue sapphire ring
Pink Sapphire Split-shank Ring
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blue sapphire white gold stacking ring set
18ct White Gold Blue Sapphire & Moissanite Engagement Ring

Ring Setting

Whether your ring is a solitaire, a trilogy or art nouveau style design, your stone will be set using one of the settings below.

Lilia's flower setting is delicately hand carved and suitable to stones over 5mm in diameter. The straight wall setting is a contemporary design where the stone is surrounded by straight sides of your chosen metal, and the top can be split to allow extra light to enter the stone. Lilia's bud setting is perfect for smaller stones.

moissanite engagement ring
blue sapphire solitaire ring
Aquamarine Engagement Ring
blue sapphire diamond ring
Fluted Setting
Mauve Sapphire Ring in 18ct Gold
Bespoke purple sapphire engagement ring

Choosing a Diamond or Gemstone

We have in stock a range of stunning gemstones, from sapphires and rubies to tourmalines and aquamarines. We have gemstones to suit any taste and budget. Our prices start from £850 for a classic solitaire ring in 18ct gold.


  • Australian blue sapphireAustralian blue sapphire

    7.1mm Fair Trade Australian Blue Sapphire SA140

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  • Clear Champagne Diamond 0.93ct DI023

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  • large oval champagne diamondlarge oval champagne diamond

    Large Oval Champagne Diamond 2.83ct DI014

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  • Fair Trade Australian Parti Sapphire, 7.3mm, 1.49 caratsFair Trade Australian Parti Sapphire, 7.3mm, 1.49 carats

    7.3mm Australian Fair Trade Parti Sapphire SA146

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Ring Metals & Finishes

Your custom made engagement ring will be handcrafted by Lilia using the finest recycled 18ct yellow and white gold, and platinum in a number of different finishes. If you are interested in rose gold please get in touch.


Urban Finish

Spun Silk

Spun Silk


Polished Gold Finish


Brushed gold finish


Hammered gold finish
White gold spun silk
Polish white gold finish
Brushed white gold finish
Hammered white gold

Next Steps

Ready to take the first step in designing your own engagement ring? Send us some information about the designs, gemstones and other details you like and Lilia will guide you through the process. We offer the option to pay in instalments.

White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring Set

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