Large size or plus size wedding or engagement rings can be difficult to find whether you're looking on the high street or you want a bespoke ring. Most jewellers offer average sizes, and this can be very disappointing if you find something you like and you can't have it in your size.

Matching Wedding Rings in 18ct GoldSo the first step is to get your ring finger measured correctly, and you can do this by visiting your local jewellery store and having your finger measured, or by asking me to send you my ring sizer in the post. Then, once you know your size, take into account that if you want a wider band you may need to go half a size larger, but please talk to me first about the design you've chosen so we can be sure to get it right.

I look after all my customer personally, and through experience I suggest that you use one of these two methods for ring sizing as some rings cannot be changed after they have been made, and paper ring sizers that you print off the internet are not as accurate.

All my rings are hand made for you specially, and I go from a size G up to a size Z and a half (I can also make US and EU ring sizes), so no matter how large or small your finger I can make a ring to fit.

With larger or plus sized rings for men or women you should expect that the price will be higher than a small or average sized ring. The cost is determined by the weight of the metal and more will be needed to create a larger circumference. Also with larger sized rings, particularly for men, I would advise a wider band so that your ring is in proportion such as the contemporary wedding ring set shown here.

Whether you're looking for a large or plus sized wedding ring, engagement ring or cocktail ring please browse my collection and then get in touch, and together we can design something beautiful that will fit perfectly whatever the size, and that you will treasure forever.


Lilia Nash


Lilia Nash is an independent jewellery designer working from a boutique jewellery shop and studio in Lechlade, Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.

She has a passion for ethical jewellery making, using recycled gold, silver and platinum to create her collections. All of the diamonds and gemstones featured in Lilia's jewellery are either fair trade or lab-grown,  lessening environmental impact and ensuring that fair prices have been paid throughout the supply chain.

Lilia is dedicated to creating handmade jewellery that's of exceptional quality, made with the finest quality materials.