moissanite engagement ring with flower design
Fair Trade Blue Teal Sapphire and Diamond Ring

A leap year happens every 4 years. It's special for a few reasons, with different cultures adding extra days or months to help their calendars better sync with celestial and seasonal events. In the Western world, it's mainly marked by an additional day in February.

February 29th has become best known for being the date when women are the ones proposing. It's become a much celebrated event by empowered women who want to make a commitment. If you're planning to pop the question this leap year, here's everything you need to know...

Choosing the Perfect Ring

Preparing to propose to your significant other is a whole mood in itself. It'll make you feel nervous, excited and at times stressed! Nothing is more anxiety inducing than choosing a ring that not only fits, but your partner will love. To make the experience of buying an engagement ring as easy as possible - I've prepared a few guides to help you.

My rings usually take between 4 weeks and 8 weeks to create, depending on how complex the design is. The more simple the style, the faster it generally is to create - but if you want special diamonds or gemstones to be set in the band, it can take a little longer!

If you're running out of time, make sure you check out my in stock engagement rings - I can offer an exchange service for my ready to ship styles if you want to choose another ring together after the proposal. I generally have more classic-style engagement rings in stock than those with thicker bands, but I have a small selection of in-stock wedding rings that would make perfect engagement rings too. .

Just contact me ahead of purchasing your ring so that I know you may wish to exchange it for a different style. You can also customise some of the plainer designs by adding some extra diamonds or other gems - just let me know which ring you like and how you'd like to adapt it.

You could also consider proposing without an engagement ring. This alleviates some of the difficulty in choosing the right size and style. If you think this is the best choice for you and your partner, make sure you check out my guide to proposing without a ring.

blue diamond hammered wedding ring
Black Diamond Ring
Custom Aquamarine Wide Band Ring in Platinum

Choosing the Perfect Size

The most difficult part of choosing an engagement ring is making sure it fits. Most of my designs can be resized if they're a little too big or small, depending on the design - there are limits as to how big a size difference can be accommodated.

Take a look at my guide to buying a ring that fits, it offers lots of tips as to how you can discover their ring size. The closer you can get to knowing the exact size, the better!

When choosing the ring, also consider how wide the band is! Many people choose to wear their engagement rings and wedding rings together on the same finger, so consider the length of your partner's fingers before choosing a band. How well would it fit alongside a wedding ring? Most of my signature engagement rings have slender bands that will easily sit alongside a wedding ring, but if you prefer a style closer to a wedding ring - you don't want to go too wide with the band width!

teal sapphire diamond ring
Fair trade Montana blue-teal sapphire is held in a 4 prong setting. Shown with a matching wedding band.
pave salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

Designing an Engagement Ring

As I mentioned, all of my signature engagement ring designs are available made to order in my online shop within 6-8 weeks - but you can also design your own engagement ring with any of the diamonds or gemstones in my Gemstone Catalogue, or opt for something completely different - I'm happy to source the perfect diamond or gemstone for your dream ring. Design a ring online with my customisable designs or get in touch with your ideas using the form below.

The last order date for made to order rings and bespoke designs is 5th January 2020.

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Lilia Nash


Lilia Nash is an independent jewellery designer working from a boutique jewellery shop and studio in Lechlade, Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.

She has a passion for ethical jewellery making, using recycled gold, silver and platinum to create her collections. All of the diamonds and gemstones featured in Lilia's jewellery are either fair trade or lab-grown,  lessening environmental impact and ensuring that fair prices have been paid throughout the supply chain.

Lilia is dedicated to creating handmade jewellery that's of exceptional quality, made with the finest quality materials.