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salt pepper diamond ring
Petite Milgrain Jewellery Set - Sapphire

Lilia's top 10 jewellery trends for 2019 will help you choose the perfect fine jewellery for any occasion. Discover the must-have styles to see you through SS19 and beyond.

Lilia Nash white gold stacking rings


Stacking rings are mixed and matched to create a statement jewellery look. Wear two or more together, with optional plain spacer rings to increase the height of the ring stack and create space between larger gemstones. Stackable ring sets can be bought individually and added to later, or be designed as a bespoke set.

gold bar pendant with diamond


Jewellery doesn't have to be chunky to make an impact. Layer multiple minimalist pendants to create a couture jewellery that can be adapted to suit a variety of looks. Theme your pendants around a common metal like 18ct white gold and layer a variety of chains featuring different shapes and gemstones. To really enhance the finished look, opt for chains of different lengths.

Petite Milgrain Jewellery Set - Sapphire


Birthstone jewellery is one of the hottest accessories for 2019. Each month of the year represents a different precious or semi-precious gemstone, but they're also worn to represent special dates such as children's birthdays, anniversaries and other relationship landmarks. The wonderful thing about birthstone jewellery sets is that it's easy to add further pieces to your collection. Lilia's birthstone jewellery is available in Sterling silver, 18ct gold and 18ct white gold, with a choice of 13 gemstones (optional diamond or white topaz for April).

salt pepper diamond ring


Claw ring settings are an adaptation on the prong style setting, with carefully shaped prongs that feature tapered tips. These elegantly gothic-styled settings have the appearance of talons clutching the stone and are the perfect way to show off a statement diamond, sapphire or other gem. Their minimalist style allows more of the stone to show, with the claws symmetrically spaced to suit any gemstone shape.

australian parti sapphire


These incredibly rare sapphires are among some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. Parti sapphires feature a mixture of blue, green and yellow colours and cannot be replicated in a lab. Each sapphire rough is cut to shape depending on the distribution of colours, making the job especially tricky for gemstone cutters who work with these specialist gems. Lilia's parti sapphires are chosen from an ethical mine in Australia and are available for bespoke jewellery commissions.

emerald leaf earrings


Rings shaped like flowers, earrings shaped like leaves and flower petal details a plenty! Botanically inspired jewellery is the perfect way to complement a floral Summer dress or to bring a seasonal twist to a tailored, corporate look. Mix and match different styles of floral jewellery for more of a bohemian, festival vibe.

salt pepper diamond ring


Salt and pepper diamonds are loved for their truly unique patterns and colours. They range from virtually black to virtually white, with flushes of pink, orange and reds in some stones. These pretty rough diamonds come in a variety of carats, cuts and shapes and are the perfect choice for an alternative engagement ring. Choose a diamond from Lilia's gemstone catalogue or contact her to source the perfect salt and pepper diamond for a bespoke ring.

blue diamond hammered wedding ring


Wedding rings don't need to be a plain, polished band of gold. 2019 has seen an increase in men and women requesting wedding rings with unique textures and finishes. Go matte, choose frosted or emulate the unique texture of concrete! There are less rules and more creativity when it comes to modern wedding rings, so why not let your imagination run wild with a bespoke textured wedding ring?

black diamond halo ring


Pavé jewellery features petite diamonds or other gemstones set into jewellery using tiny pieces of melted precious metal to hold the stones in place. Pavé settings are perfect for creating halos around a central stone (like the black diamond ring shown here) or a diamond-studded eternity or engagement ring. This ultra-sparkly way of creating jewellery requires an immense amount of time, patience and craftsmanship, making it one of the more expensive methods of jewellery making. Pavé has become popularised by celebrities with some of the more elaborate, bespoke pieces costing hundreds of thousands of pounds to buy.

Multi-colour Pearl Necklace


Invoke a little seaside chic with these oceanic gifts. Pearls graced multiple designer catwalks for SS19, with unique colours, shapes and designs modernising this classic jewellery favourite. Opt for an unusual black peacock pearl or mix and match pastel shades, these aren't your Granny's pearl strings - although those are also perfectly on trend this season!

A bespoke rolling ring made in 950 platinum, set with a scattering of ombre sapphires in pinks & purples.


Create an explosive, high-colour look with a rainbow scattering of gemstones. Mix and match bold gems like sapphires, amethyst, rubies, emeralds and tourmaline in different pieces of jewellery, or opt for a colourful sapphire ombré effect like this rolling ring designed for one of Lilia's bespoke customers. This beautiful ring took two days to make and features sapphires in a variety of pinks, purples and blues.

Lilia Nash


Lilia Nash is an independent jewellery designer working from a boutique jewellery shop and studio in Lechlade, Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.

She has a passion for ethical jewellery making, using recycled gold, silver and platinum to create her collections. All of the diamonds and gemstones featured in Lilia's jewellery are either fair trade or lab-grown,  lessening environmental impact and ensuring that fair prices have been paid throughout the supply chain.

Lilia is dedicated to creating handmade jewellery that's of exceptional quality, made with the finest quality materials.