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Is Rose Gold Pure Gold?

When people say 'pure gold', what they usually mean is genuine gold. Most golds used for jewellery are an alloy of gold and other metals, typically silver, zinc and other non precious metals. 24ct gold is pure gold and is rarely used for jewellery making as the metal is so soft that pieces are easy to damage. It's also very expensive, so the combination of cost and poorer durability make it an unappealing material for both jewellery makers and customers alike.

18ct gold is an alloy or mix that has at least 75% gold element. It must pass a purity test in order to be hallmarked as 18ct gold. Lilia Nash jewellery is made using recycled 18ct golds, with each piece hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office.

18ct Rose gold gets its pinkish hue from the addition of copper to the alloy. Rose gold still contains the same amount of gold element as 18ct yellow gold.


Rose gold as a colour has been enjoying it's moment in the spotlight for some 10 years. It's become a popular choice for interior decor, iPhones, fashion and even cars - but it's best-known use is for creating jewellery.

Using rose gold to set diamonds creates a strong contrasting look that really enhances the brightness in a white diamond. It also helps to soften the look of black diamonds and salt and pepper stones, adding more warmth to the colour palette than with 18ct yellow gold.

Rose gold can be either masculine or feminine and is popular as a jewellery for men and women alike. More delicate designs featuring pink sapphires and diamonds give a more feminine feel to jewellery while using wider, chunkier design features lends itself to more masculine styles.

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Lilia makes all of her rose gold jewellery by hand using a technique known as wire wrapping. The gold starts off as a single length of metal wire that is heated and shaped into the final design. This traditional technique dates back hundreds of years and requires a painstaking amount of skill. Most High Street jewellery is made using custom casts into which molten gold is poured. When you buy a Lilia Nash ring or other piece of jewellery, it was entirely shaped and finished by hand.

All of Lilia's designs are created using ethical and fair trade diamonds, sapphires and other gemstones. Ethical and sustainable materials are at the heart of every Lilia Nash jewellery design, with every care taken to use beautiful gems and high quality golds that are obtained from sustainable and humane sources.

Most of our jewellery can be made in 18ct rose gold. If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch via our contact page.