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Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstones jewellery always make a treasured keepsake gift, being totally unique to the person you're giving it to.  A Lilia Nash birthstone necklace, bracelet, pair of earrings or ring can be set with the fair trade gemstone or conflict-free diamond of your choice and ethically sourced gold and Sterling silver.  Lilia's slider pendant birthstone necklace can be personalised with up to five birthstones to celebrate the birthstones of other members of the family. Or you can order it with just a single sparkling gemstone.

Lilia is happy to make up individual birthstones jewellery commissions specially for you so please get in touch.  Our standard chain length is 18" but please contact Lilia if you would like a different length.

Click through to each month's birthstone below to browse the full range of Lilia's birthstones jewellery designs and read our Guide to Birthstones by Month for meanings, myths and more.

January Birthstone Garnet Jewellery February Birthstone Amethyst Jewellery March Birthstone Aquamarine Jewellery
 January Birthstone - Garnet  February Birthstone - Amethyst  March Birthstone - Aquamarine
 April Birthstone Diamond or White Topaz Jewellery  May Birthstone Emerald Jewellery June Birthstone Pearl Jewellery
 April Birthstone - Diamond or Topaz
 May Birthstone - Emerald
 June Birthstone - Pearl or Alexandrite
 July Birthstone Ruby Jewellery  August Birthstone Peridot Jewellery  September Birthstone Sapphire Jewellery
 July Birthstone - Ruby
 August Birthstone - Peridot
 September Birthstone - Sapphire
 October Birthstone Tourmaline Jewellery  November Birthstone Citrine Jewellery  December Birthstone Blue Topaz Jewellery
 October Birthstone - Tourmaline
 November Birthstone - Citrine
 December Birthstone - Blue Topaz

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